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Hunters: Beginnings (New Version Edit) Non Complete

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May. 9th, 2008 | 12:11 am

Okay this is the NEWEST edit of the first Hunter tail. This is more of how my stories will be from now on. A bit more dialog, and more characterization. I'm also trying to introduce people off and on, instead of 'Villain of the Week' style. And this is not fully complete. It ends before the first fight takes place, which I'm currently trying to write. But its late, and I need SLEEP!

The streetlight was dimly lighting up the street on a crisp September night, an oddity for the town of Columbia, South Carolina. The streetlight flickered a bit, a problem most likely in its bulb. The only things concerned with the light were the insects hovering around it, and possibly the seedy element of a criminal hiding in its shadows.
The criminal was just a lowly street thug, part of a gang that liked to terrorize the neighborhood. He was waiting for his next victim, possibly some young couple as they walked to their cars from the nearby restaurants to the parking lot where the light was trying to light up. The thug looked around, seeing several potential victims, before setting his eyes on a woman in her late thirties, possibly early forties, from what he surmised in the dim night light. She was heading toward him, looking for her keys in her purse, not even minding the situation about to unfold on her.
The thug drew a switchblade and rushed toward her. He grabbed her purse, and then twisted himself behind her, putting the blade to her knife. She gasped as he whispered in her ears, “Let’s take things a little further this way, just don’t scream, or it’ll be the last thing you do..”
She shook her head to agree, and he dragged her with little resistance. Once they were in the shadows, he threw her down to the ground, ripping the purse from her shoulders. He quickly placed his foot on her chest, making it hard to move. She wanted to scream desperately, but knew that it could go badly for her if she did.
“Ah, crap, you’ve got nothing but plastic…damn no one carries cash anymore..” the thug groaned, as he emptied her purse and wallet. He took her keys and cellphone, and then threw the purse at her. “Well since I can’t get money, looks like I’ll have to take something else from you…” He smiled at her, as he began to kneel down next to her.
But suddenly he was uplifted with an incredible amount of force, and flew through the air a few yards away, landing in some nearby garbage cans. The woman gasped, as a man dressed in complete black leather gear and a biker’s helmet landed next to her. “Get out of her, and call the cops!” A young male teenage voice commanded her from the behind the helmet. She looked at him reluctantly, until he yelled “GO!!” to which she got up and ran with all her might.
“Bud, you’ve got some nerve….” The thug groaned, getting up. Despite the small aerial trip he had just taken, he wasn’t hurt too much. His arm hurt like hell, but he was determined to take the punk that had done this to him apart.
The helmeted man laughed at the thug. “Dude, seriously. I just tossed you nearly 20 feet away. You sure you want to tangle with me?” The man cracked his knuckles eagerly.
“Agghhhrrrrhhh!!” The thug yelled out, rushing at the helmeted man. The man stood still, as the thug neared. Then as the thug neared, the man suddenly dropped to throw a straight punch to the thug’s stomach, then performed a back flip with a kick, kicking the thug square in the jaw. He then stood up from his flip, and turned to the thug who was reeling in pain, his jaw obviously broken. The helmeted man simply walked up to him, and then backhanded the thug, knocking him out and on the ground.
Kneeling next to the thug, the helmeted man smacked the thug awake. The thug flinched back, as the man grabbed him by the shoulders firmly. “Tell the rest of your gang and anyone you meet in jail that VENGENCE will be upon them if they prey on the innocents. And I mean VENGENCE!!” And then the man smacked the thug unconscious.
It would be another half hour before police would find the thug still knocked out. The woman tried to explain what the helmeted man looked like, but no one had seen the man she was describing. She was escorted to her car and allowed to leave, while the thug was taken to the hospital to be checked out, especially after seeing the massive bruising from the fight with the supposed ‘helmeted’ man.
In the hospital, the thug would awake hours later, and cry out about the VENGENCE of the helmeted man. He quickly let the cops take him away from the hospital, and they even considered taken him to a mental hospital, especially when he would not stop talking about VENGENCE.

“Davis Micheals, welcome to Brookland-Cayce High School. I’m sure that you’ll find our school just as inviting as your last one.” A stern-faced man told a young teenager as the teen sat in his office, flipping through a welcome folder. The teenager glanced up, and popped an unconcerned smile. “Ah, such is youth to ignore the elders.”
“No it wasn’t that Mr. Benedict, I was just checking out the folder your secretary gave me. I was listening to you, especially about the rich history of this place. Apparently years ago my family went here.” Davis explained, leaning back in his chair. “I want to know where I come from, and this is the start of that.”
Davis Micheals had just recently moved to Cayce, South Carolina, a suburb of Columbia. He was a tall, semi-muscular teenager, white with brown eyes and long brown hair tied into a ponytail. He didn’t wear contacts, but tended to wear sunglasses a lot. He wore black cargo shorts, and a white t-shirt with the comic book hero ‘The Tick’ on it with the word ‘SPOON!’ exclaimed in red.
Mr. Benedict glanced at the clock on the nearby wall, and then at Davis. “First period is almost over, so I’ll try to find someone to escort you to your next class.” He started to stand up, and Davis took notice and began as well. “I’m sure you will find the answers you seek, but also try to learn a thing or two while you are here. We are a great school.”
“I’m sure you are.” Davis replied, as he shook the principal’s hand. He then grabbed his bookbag, and headed out the door.
“Ms. Tillis, have one of your aids escort Mr. Micheals to his next class, and possibly show him around if there is enough time.” Mr. Benedict yelled out to his secretary, just before Davis shut the door.
Ms. Tillis was an older woman with blonde hair that was going gray. She was a little pudgy, and reminded Davis of a character on television that might be type-cast as a secretary. Keeping his thoughts to himself, he smiled as she motioned to a girl that was putting files in a nearby filing cabinet.
Davis nearly choked as he took in the beauty of the girl. Being a young teenage male, almost every female had this affect, but something was definitely different and enchanting about her. She was nearly 5’8” or so he guessed, and was on the very toned side. She was white, with a light tan, wearing tight fitting blue jeans and a white plain v-cut t-shirt. Davis noticed her hazel-green eyes, as well as her hair, which was dyed red, cropped to her neck, along with two long inch-wide dyed black strips of hair that hugged her face. “Davis, this is Katalin Orchid.” Ms. Tillis introduced the girl to Davis.
Extending out her hand to him, Davis instinctively reached out to her hand, and shook it. Davis noticed that she had perfectly toned muscles, as though she played sports or was rather fit. The rest of her was perfect, beyond any female form he had seen in his short 15 year life. “You can call me Kat, that’s what generally everyone else calls me.”
“Davis.” They shook, as both checked the other out, a typical teenage act. Davis was just intrigued by her beauty and form, but unbeknownst to him, she just saw him as another guy checking her out.
“Can I see your schedule?” Kat asked, as she stopped shaking his hand. Davis reached into his bookbag and pulled out his schedule for her. She quickly scanned it over and handed it back. “You’re missing Math right now. Then you’ve got Spanish next, followed by Chemistry and Art after lunch. Good thing is you’ll be in Chemistry with me.
“Thank the lord.” Davis whispered, which Kat slightly heard, prompting a smile. “That’s cool. Class fun?”
Kat chuckled slightly. “You could say that. I have a friend named Kevin that makes it a trip. He’s always doodling and such, and tries his best to make sure I have a good time.” She crooked her neck a bit, and thought about him for a second. “I’m fairly sure you have Art with him as well. But we’ll have to find him first. C’mon.” She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the office.
“So what’s Kevin like?” Davis asked, slightly jealous, seeing how she slightly blushed thinking about this Kevin. They started down a hallway after coming out of the office. It was a pretty typical hallway for a highschool, with lockers lining each side, one locker on top of another, with doors in between the lines leading to classrooms. Various posters for cheerleading and football practice and games lined the tops of the walls above the lockers, with other pictures and notes for different subjects near the classroom doors. It reminded Davis of his old high school back home.
“Um…quiet, but very funny. A smartass at times, generally when we’re playing arcade games and such. Smart, insightful. Its almost as if he can read minds and such.” She responded, still slightly smiling.
“Sounds like a pretty awesome guy I suppose.” Davis smirked, looking around. There weren’t but a scarce few students in the halls, mostly people running late. He could hear teachers throwing out information to their students as they passed class after class.
Kat stopped in front of a classroom that had some motivational posters strewn around the door talking about math and algebra. “Here is your math class. Since we only have about 10-15 more minutes of class left, I’ll walk you to Spanish class, since its on the way to my French class.”
Davis checked out the schedule once again, and then to her. “Sure. I’m just glad I have a class with you. And a few near one another. You seem like a pretty awesome person, and I’d really like to get to know you. Maybe we can go out for a movie sometime?” They came to a closed doorway, which opened out into an open area between buildings.
Kat laughed uneasily, but then smiled. “I’m sure you say that to most of the girls. But sure, that might be fun. I would only do it as a friend though. I’m not really much for dating right now, with school, teaching my martial arts classes, and taking care of my father.” She looked at him, sensing disappointment. She looked up, and pointed around. “By the way, this is what we like to call the Breezeway. It connects the South Building, here, with the West Wing, over there. A good 2 minute walk, or so they want us all to believe.”
Davis laughed at her trying to change the subject. “Cool. And tis fine I suppose. Can’t hate a guy for trying.” Davis responded back, a bit disappointed.
She lightly punched his shoulder. “Hey you seem interesting too. What all do you like to do for fun?”
“Um…well I mostly play my 360, fighting games especially. I do a little PC gaming when I get the chance. Beyond that, not much. I spent a lot of time riding the bus and subways in New York, which ate up a lot of my free time. But I guess now that I’m down here, I’ve got a car, and my house is like 10 minutes from here, I’ll have plenty of time to do more stuff.”
“Cool. Maybe you can come hang out at the Groove Shack.”
“Groove Shack?” Davis interrupted her, giving her a quizzitive eye.
“It’s a hangout spot for a lot of people. Part café, part arcade. I also teach middle school kids martial arts for free.” Kat explained, as they headed closer to the West Wing. They were passing a baseball field where the band was practicing.
“Sounds like fun. I’ll definitely have to check it out then.” Davis told her. They came up to the main doors, and Davis opened it up for her.
“Thanks.” She smiled, stepping in. They walked infront of a room, and Kat pointed to it. “This is your art class, for 4th period.”
“Cool.” He noted the location, and noticed there wasn’t much in terms of decoration for art. He found that a bit odd, but kept on with her.
They turned a corner, and Davis tripped over something on the floor, tumbling forward. Not having much instinct for falling, he twisted a bit and managed to grab Kat’s arm in the process pulling her down on top of him. He landed on his back, her chest landing right in his face. For a what seemed like an eternity, he just laid their, Kat’s shirt and the warmth of her breasts in his face.
SMACK!!! Davis felt a very painful slap, as she quickly bolted up. He looked up at her and she had turned bright red. “PERV!”
“WHA? I wasn’t trying to do that! I tripped and fell—“
“—and what my breasts just land perfectly in your face? God you’re just another jerk aren’t you?!” Kat angrily growled.
Davis stood up. “Seriously, I’m sorry Kat. I didn’t mean to pull you down.” He looked around and couldn’t even figure out what tripped him up. He leaned back to look down the hallway they have turned from, but all he could see what the floor, and some weird metallic stain in the corner. “I don’t even know what tripped me.”
Kat looked around herself, but wasn’t quite convinced. “Look, for now, let’s just leave this to ourselves. I’m really not liking you all that much right now, but I’m fairly sure it was just an innocent flub.”
Davis gave her a very apologetic look. “I swear, it wasn’t what it appeared.” He slightly blushed. “Was fun though.”
SMACK!!! “God you are a perv! You’ve been checking me out since you met me, then you trip and get a good view of my tits in your face, and you act all innocent. UGH!”
Davis turned bright red. “Hey hey hey, I wasn’t trying to check you out the entire trip.” He turned a bit to the side and coughed uneasily. “But can you blame me, you’re like smoking hot. And I again. I’m sorry. It was COMPLETELY INNOCENT!”
This time, Kat turned red a bit, and then smiled. “Apology accepted, I guess.” She looked at him, still a bit peeved at him. But she concluded to herself that it had been an innocent accident. “Davis Micheals, watch yourself, or you’re definitely going to get in to trouble. I’ll see you after lunch.” Kat told him, as she started to turn away.
“What about at lunch? Can’t leave a new guy hanging by himself!” Davis yelled to her, as she moved further away.
“Try to find me at lunch and we’ll see. Until then, try to keep those eyes of your up instead of down. And don’t pull any girls on top of you if you trip again” She laughed, and then turned a corner, giggling before heading out of the hallway.
Davis stood in front of long line of lockers. Looking at the number for his locker on the sheet he had from the office, Kat had brought him to near his locker, but he was having a hard time finding it. He moved up and down the row, counting out the numbers, before finally finding the correct one. He bent down to it, and started to undo the lock with a combination he was given.
Just then the bell rang, and within a minute, the hall began to fill with students. Davis quickly slammed the locker door, and then stood up. A couple of people took notice of him, but then kept moving along the hall to their next class. Davis slung his bookbag over his shoulder, and then proceeded down the hall to his next class, Spanish II.
As he turned the corner, he ran smack in a large muscled male teenager and a smaller gangly male. Davis nearly fell to the floor after running into them, but the large one grabbed him by the arm to prevent the fall. “Watch your step kid.”
“Sure thing. Sorry not used to the halls.” Davis apologized, dusting himself off a bit.
The gangly teen smiled. His nasally voice caught Davis’s attention as he spoke. “Must be new then, huh kid?” He reminded Davis of the old movie style ‘greaser’, as the guy had slicked back black hair that was probably long down to his shoulders. He was also wearing a white ‘wife-beater’ t-shirt underneath a white button down t-shirt that he had open to show off his ‘wife-beater’. He also had on black jeans and wore combat boots.
“You can say that. I’m Davis, Davis Micheals.” Davis extended his hand to shake, but neither took it.
“Look, Davis-smavish, I’m Mark and this here’s John. Remember it, too.” The large one said, clenching a fist. “I don’t like new people, so watch yourself. You may find this school hard to deal with, especially with that rich look you got going.” Davis took notice of the larger guy. He was a bit taller than Davis, almost a foot or more, and considering Davis was 6’ even, that was saying a lot. He was very wide as well, very muscular but also with some fat, almost line backer or tackle size for football, Davis noted. The teen was white with a blonde crop military style hair, as well as light blue eyes.
“Rich look? I bought this stuff at Target, and I’m used to this kind of school. Hell, I’m from New York, how tough ya got to be here?” Davis explained, stepping back a bit.
“Yankee, wow! That’s awesome.” The gangly one said, smiling. “Like Mark here said, watch yourself. You’re on mark from two the biggest pain in the asses at this school. We WILL make your life unbearable if you cross us.”
“Look, John is it? I’m not here for a fight. I ran into you two because I’m not used to the halls being this small and close. I apologize. If you want to fight, don’t look at me. I don’t fight, especially over stupid injustices that I may not have performed.” Davis explained, adjusting his backpack a bit on his shoulders. “So if you don’t mind, I’ve got a class to get to.”
Mark’s face turned a beat red. “You little Yankee son of a bitch, how dare you insult us with your…your words…damn it John, talk this punk down.” Mark growled, looking more and more angry. Davis noticed that Mark almost grew a slight bit as he got angrier.
John pushed Mark back a bit, and then turned to Davis. “Kid, we aren’t looking to fight either, but you just insulted us by trying to weasel out of a fight with us. That ain’t cool, in no one’s book. So let’s just settle this later. We’ll find you during lunch, and you can apologize to us in front of the whole school after we give you a wedgie and hell, maybe even make you wear lunch.” John threatened Davis, who just rolled his eyes.
“For fuck sake, you people actually still use wedgies? What the fuck man? I ran into you, apologized, and now you want to fight. Well fine, find me during lunch and we’ll see who gets wedgied and who doesn’t.” Then Davis pushed his way between then and down the hall.
“Yah run YANKEE!! Fucking queer!” Mark laughed, as he and John headed the opposite way from Davis, who ducked into a classroom that he was told was his next class, and sat at a desk.
“What the hell have I gotten myself into..” Davis groaned, massaging his forehead with his fingers.
“Rough day?” A female voice asked. Davis opened his eyes, and looked up to see a some-what stocky female figure in front of him. She was had a dark skin tone, almost Latino or possibly just a overly done tan, but Davis became more convinced she was Hispanic as his eyes trailed up to her face. She was very pretty, with dark brown eyes and long black hair. She wore a dark purple silk short-sleeve top, and a black mini-skirt, showing off a very nice pair of legs. She smiled, and then sat next to him.
“Yeah, you could say that. I’m Davis, Davis Micheals, new kid.” Davis introduced himself, extending his hand out to her.
“Delilah, Delilah Hernandez. Nice to meet you Davis.” She introduced herself, shaking his hand. “Know much about Spanish?”
“A little, took a few classes last year in New York.” Davis explained.
“New York, wow now that’s a change. Where abouts did you live?”
“In Brooklyn of all places, which I find funny that I’m going to a ‘Brookland’ school when I’m from Brooklyn. Well not really from Brooklyn, just have lived there most of my life.” Davis told her, as he watched the rest of the class fill up. A lot of the students entering the class took notice of him as they took their seats.
“Brooklyn’s nice I hear. I’m born and raised here in Columbia, even though my parents are from Hawaii.” Delilah explained. Davis gave her a questionable look, and she knew what he was about to ask, so she cut him right off. “My father was adopted as an infant, to a Hispanic family even though he is native Hawaiian. I’m half Hawaiian-half white.”
Davis whistled a bit. “Nice. Well I know this is a bit forward, but you definitely look great.” Davis blushed a bit, as he watched her face light up.
“Um…thanks. I guess Kat was right about you.” Delilah laughed a bit out loud, and then turned away for a bit. She seemed to be looking around at a couple of other girls in class, and then turned back to him. “She warned a few us that you might hit on us already.”
Davis grumbled a bit. How the hell did she managed to tell the rest of the female population what had happened? He thought to himself. “Damn, I’m not trying to hit on every single girl I meet, I’m just friendly, that’s all. I’m new in town, I’m outgoing, and I like to meet new people. Sorry if I come across as some sexed out perv or what not.”
Delilah laughed a bit. “No its not that. Most of us have grown up together, so we’re not quite used to having someone just come in and immediately start flirting with all of the girls. Kat wasn’t warning us to be mean to you, just that the new cute guy in school will probably come up and talk to you. That’s all.” Delilah leaned in closer, “Besides, some of us girls like a guy to be a bit forward, most of the chumps around here won’t even try.”
That perked Davis’s feelings up. He smiled at Delilah as the bell rings. “Well then, I guess I’ll have to thank Kat when I see her at lunch today.” He laughed a bit, and then smiled at Delilah. “Then again, maybe you and I…” He left it hanging.
“We’ll see tiger.” Was all she responded to, as the teacher began to pass out papers and get the class started.
The class went on, with Delilah filling him in on the school and various people in the class. Eventually it got toward noon, and the lunch bell rang. Delilah gathered her books next to Davis, as he finished writing out the homework assignment in his notebook. She quickly got up, and headed out the door, leaving Davis behind to follow.
“Damn two girls in one day. Nice.” Davis commented to himself, as he threw his books into his bookbag and got up. He suddenly felt a hand on his chest pushing him back down in his chair.
“Sit down there, New York.” A male voice told Davis. He looked up to see a white teenager in a white blazer and khakis holding him down. The guy had slick-backed black hair, and had deep green eyes. Davis also noticed that he had rather large eyebrows. “I’d watch your step.”
Davis raised an eyebrow at the teen. “Excuse me?”
“You’re excused New York. I said watch your step because I’m putting you on notice. I watched you in the halls with John and Mark, and now in here with Delilah. I’ve also noticed you checking out a lot of the girls in class, and let me tell you, I don’t appreciate that. You come in here, all high and mighty from New York, start causing problems with some friends of mine, and now you’re hitting on all my ladies. That, sir, is why you are on notice.”
“Um, who the hell are you to be telling me this?” Davis asked, trying to stand up. Something heavy was pulling him down, and he couldn’t place it coming from the guy’s hand on his chest. There was something definitely strange about this guy, and Davis didn’t like it.
“You can call me Joey Verona. I’m the football team captain, as well as basketball team captain. I’m also one, if not the most popular kids in school. So what I say goes along ways with people. If you get my drift. Piss me off New York, and I’ll see that you never get a date and that the football and basketball team makes your life miserable for the next 3 years.” Joey Verona introduced himself, his hand still firmly on Davis’s chest.
“Its Davis Micheals, not New York, and I’ll remember this Verona. You’re on notice with me as well.” Davis’s eyes glared a bit. “I don’t deal well with threats, especially from punks who think they own the school. It’s a free country, I can hit on whomever I want. And if you think intimidating me with your teammates will do anything, bring it on. I’ve faced enough threats in my lifetime, and having a whole sports team fight me is nothing. I say bring it on.” And with that Davis stood up, pushing hard against whatever force was holding him down, including Verona’s hand on his chest.
Verona’s face went almost a bit white, before turning red. “You’re on notice, Davis. On notice, got that?! You haven’t heard the last from me.”
“Back at you.” Davis growled, pushing his way past Verona. He made his way out of the classroom, and followed the crowd out towards the lunch areas scattered around school.

Delilah had explained to him that there was a cafeteria, but most of the kids tried to eat near or around the 3 lunch areas. One was nearby, the Black Top as they called it, as it had the Senior Canteen, a place where only Seniors could order food. It was the place where most of the popular kids hung out. Another was on the way toward the last one. Deliliah had said it was near the band room, and most of the band people ate at it. And the last one was near the cafeteria, and was where she and Kat liked to get food, mainly because it had the best pizza. He headed that way.
Making his way through the halls, Davis began to think about the last encounter with Joey Verona. Davis had recently discovered a secret inside himself that he hoped was just a fluke. Over the last summer, he had begun to notice that he was a lot more physically powerful than other people, despite his appearance as a muscular geek, in his opinion. Not only that, at certain times, he could even push himself beyond normal limitations the body has, becoming superhuman in a lot of ways. Davis was very scared of being sought out for this, and the encounter with Verona was definitely a test.
He knew something was holding him down that wasn’t normal, and he knew that it couldn’t have been coming from Verona himself, at least he didn’t want to accept that it was a possibility that someone else could be superhuman like himself. He knew he had done something against Verona, because Davis knew when he had made himself strong enough to resist the force holding him down, Verona turned a shade white. Davis took a mental note of that, and now he was formulating it in his head.
Davis figured that is Verona was holding him down somehow with a superpower, that perhaps Verona now suspects that Davis had superpowers as well. Not something that he wanted a new enemy to know about, but it was something that had to be done, Davis surmised. He sighed, and then made his way to the area Kat had said she usually ate at.
As he entered the area, he did a quick scan of the area. Not a whole of students ate here, as it was almost in the sun, and not a lot of good places to sit. Davis noticed a table with a geeky looking kid reading a magazine and sipping a Dr. Pepper. The geek had curly black hair and black rimmed glasses on, as well as the makings of a goatee. The geek noticed Davis looking at him, but ignored him, returning to the magazine.
Nearby a few girls checked out Davis as he stood looking for Kat or Delilah or both. One was a blonde girl, a cheerleader, who had almost silver colored eyes. Davis didn’t even look at her as he scanned around, but it didn’t stop her from walking up to him.
“You must be the new kid everyone is talking about. I’m Daffeny Haynes.” She introduced herself, shocking Davis a bit.
“Um…wow, um, Micheals, I mean Davis Micheals, I mean my name is Davis Micheals.” Davis stumbled with the words, as he took notice of her. She was petite, probably around 5’3” in height, and undeniably gorgeous. She was white with no noticeable tan, unusual for a cheerleader, and Davis noticed that her skin actually had an odd shine to it that was almost exotic.
“Nice job romeo,” another female voice commented on Davis’s verbal diarrhea. Davis turned to see Kat and the geek walking toward him.
“He tried Kat,” Daffeny replied, and then turned to Davis. “Don’t worry, I thought it was cute. I have the affect on guys.”
“Among other things.” Kat added, sticking her tongue out at Daffeny. “Davis, you might want to watch yourself around her. She’s known in some circle as a—“
“Hey now, don’t be talking smack Kat. At least I try to be social with people, all you do is hang with Kevin.” Daffeny interrupted Kat, keeping Davis curious as to what she was. He had a hunch, but would rather wait to find out than have it be known now.
“Leave me out of this. I just came over with Kat.” The geek said quietly, looking at Davis. The two sized each other up, and then turned their attention back to the two girls.
“Davis, this is Kevin.” Kat introduced the geek to Davis. They both waved hi to each other, and resumed watching the two girls. “Daffeny, leave K out of this. I like hanging with him, instead of wasting my time with the jerks you hang with. Besides that, I also have my classes to teach not to mention the café.”
Daffeny moaned arrogantly. “Excuses, excuses, excuses. Look, you’re the one letting everyone know about this new guy, and I’m enlightening him to you, that’s all.”
“Um, thanks I guess, Daffeny.” Davis added in, which prompted a look from both girls. He stepped back a bit, and then looked at Kevin. “Um, Kevin right, where’s the soda machine?”
Kevin sensed Davis’s discomfort, and turned to point at the machines further down the way. “Over there. Um, let me go with you, the machine’s a bit tricky.” He started to follow Davis towards the machines, as the two girls began to verbally assault each other.
Davis shrugged his shoulders a bit. “Eh, didn’t really mean to cause a stir today. Got girls and guys wanting a piece of me apparently, just for showing up.”
Kevin didn’t look too amused. “Yeah, Kat mentioned that. Well actually she mentioned you were a major perv, but that it was mostly innocent, although you were seriously checking her out while she showed you around. Hell look at you now, looking back at her and Daffeny. God you are a pervert jerk.”
Davis choked a bit, and then looked at Kevin. “Okay, first time I’ve ever been told that….” He stopped, as he noticed Mark and John strolling away, looking for him. “Hey what do you know about those two?”
Kevin look at Mark and John, and then back to Davis. “Bad news, I guess. Mark is one of the best defensive linemen our school has ever seen, and John is one of those guys that like to hang off others. He’s also on the football team, one of the special team’s players. I definitely wouldn’t mess with them if I were you.” Kevin laughed a bit. “She was right, you are a bad guy.”
Davis looked a bit shocked. “Geez, thanks. First day and already I’m a villain. Look, I’m not trying to cause fights. Those two wanted to fight me, so I’m up for it. As for the girls, I have no idea why that’s even going on. I mean, yeah I hit on Kat this morning, she ends up falling on top of me when I trip, but it was all innocent. Except because my face was there in her chest, it’s all terrific and horrible. I mean I apologized, and I left it at that. Sure, I did get hit on later by this Delilah Hernandez girl, and then there’s Daffney. Despite being a perverted jerk, I still got something the ladies apparently want. Sorry that this school is not used to having a smooth operator like me.”
Kevin laughed at that, and then turned to Davis. “Again, do you ever stop?”
“Dude, give me a break. Most of the girls in here are like smoking ultra fucking hot, it’s unavoidable.” Davis groaned. “Great I’m already starting to regret coming here.”
“And what is it you came here for?” Kevin asked, sipping his Dr. Pepper.
“History. My family was involved with this school many years ago, and I’m also starting to have a suspicion that something major is about to happen, and it requires being here.” Davis candidly explained, without giving away too much. “Look, have some faith that I’m a good guy, okay.”
“Fine. Just watch yourself here though. I’ve noticed a recent influx of new people who seem more than then appear. You included.” Kevin said, taking another sip of his drink. He then turned back toward Kat. “And try not to drool over Kat. She does want to be your friend, but thinking about her in that way will only make her mad. Trust me. I’ve gotten enough bruises from it, and you’ve felt her smack you TWICE today. Oh and to answer your question, its brown, and no its bare floors.” And with that, Kevin headed back toward Kat.

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from: anduril_phoenix
date: May. 9th, 2008 04:34 am (UTC)

Quite good so far. :)

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