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May. 5th, 2008 | 10:35 pm

1. Have many sexual partners have you had?
30+, give or take your definition of sex partners and sex.

2. How old were you your first time? How old are you now?
18, 27

3. Are you male or female?

4. Favorite place you ever had sex?
My bed

5. Hair... down there: Are you trimmed, completely bare or au natural?
Depends on my partner's preference. I don't mind being completely shaved or even having say just small bit of hair. Some, such as Meejay, loved it at the right length, cause it hit her clit as she rode me.

6. What is your favourite sexual fantasy that you would like to live out?
I've pretty much have done mostly all my fantasies or have gotten very close. I'd love to there to be 2 girls for both my pleasure and theirs.

7. What is your favourite sexual fantasy that's better just 'left in the vault?'
I've done just about everything that I want to do, so everything left in the vault is actually not in the vault at all, its just not done period.

Although i could say 'doing Miley Cyrus in a very uncomfortable place, like the back of a volkswagon' is a fantasy 'left in the vault'

8. How often do you masturbate?
Nearly every day

9. Do you prefer internal or external stimulation?

10. Do you use anything to help?
Usually stories on literotica.com or teasing from my love gf

11. Do you get enough fore play?
Generally yes. I'm very much for foreplay with all my partners and such. I believe I need foreplay more so than sex, as i've learned if I just start having sex, its not all that great.

12. Do you get enough oral sex?
Depends on the partner (no offense meant to Jenn on this). I've had some that have worshiped my cock as I've done for them, and I've had some that have a disdain for oral on me. As for me giving oral sex, I have yet to refuse going down on a girl and I have yet to be refused to do it to a girl. A few guys i've hesitated going down on, and I would say about 40% of the guys i've been with haven't done anything to me, so it depends.

13. Whats your favourite position? Least fav?
With Jenn, its definitely doggy style. I tend to get her off and myself off pretty well. Some girls I like them on top, some doggy. So probably doggy style for me. Least...hmm...can't really say as I like all positions.

14. Have you ever had a 1-night stand?
Yep. Some people either want to get close and I don't, or they just weren't worth it afterwards.

15. Have you ever faked? Often?
That's kinda hard for a guy to do. I wouldn't anyways.

16. Do you enjoy pornography?

17. Have you ever thought about doing any sexual with a member of the same sex? Have you?
I'm bi. So yes, i thought and have done.

18. Whats the one thing that turns you on that you've never told your SO?
We've pretty much laid down the turn ons and turn offs to one another. She's very good at turning me on.

19. Have you ever had anal sex? Would you ever? Do you like it?
I've done it a few times with a few girls and a few guys. I did and didn't like it. Its a bit painful, for both parties, due to my girth. But once it got past the pain, it was nice.

20. Ever been tied up?
Nope, but willing.

21. Have you ever cheated?
Yes. Reasons were and were not justifiable. It happened. It changed my life for the better. But it still was wrong.

22. Is your current SO the best lover you have ever had? Why or why not? Yes and no. Jenn is one of my best lovers in her own way (and I'm not trying to be offensive to her). Every partner is good and bad in their own ways. Jenn doesn't do everything I would like, but she makes up for that in the fact that she wants to try with me, that she loves me, and that she wants to have sex often with me. No one is perfect nor will someone ever be. I don't think of myself as anyone's best, even if I've been told. Sex to me is an art and I work on it diligently, learning how to be a better lover with each new lover. I love Jenn for her uniqueness, and I won't change her. In time, she'll be my best lover because she's willing to learn what pleases me, what turns me on, and how we work well together. And its not just sex, its love and mental being. Jenn is awesome to me for all that.

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(no subject)

from: anduril_phoenix
date: May. 6th, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)

Meh, not offended at all. We're still learning each other and such.

And we're so going to try tying you up. :P

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