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Hunters: Angel Song (Possible Ending)

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Apr. 17th, 2008 | 10:35 pm

Since I'm posting most of my stuff here, I figured why the hell not? This is the supposed ending to the Angel Song story. Very brutal. I'm not so sure on the exact end. I don't like how it was just BAMN, but here it is.

“I will not ALLOW you to win today, abomination!” Azazial cried out, clenching her teeth tightly, blood dripping over her face from the wound Kaen had given her. “Even if I have to sacrifice myself to defeat you, so be it. Your existence CANNOT be tolerated any more!”
Kaen smirked. “Tough words for a bird like you. What makes you think that you can possibly even kill me? So far you’ve only managed to make me ache a little, and fuck, I can take meds for that type of pain. Even your little boyfriend over there, my original, can’t even hurt me.”
Azazial stood back up, her angelic wings folding back behind her. Her eyes, stern and intent of her mission, stared Kaen down. “Prepare to face JUDGMENT!” She yelled, rushing forward. She reached at her side, and pulled a long rune covered sword from out of thin air, and aimed it forward, towards Kaen. Even his superhuman reflexes could not dodge the angel’s speed, and the sword easily pierced into his sides.
“FUCK SHIT!” Kaen sputtered, surprised by the sudden blade in his side. He looked angrily at Azazial, and then backhanded her, sending her flying back a bit. She tumbled through the air, and corrected herself, landing on both feet, and rushed again at him.
“HEAVENLY JUDGMENT SWORD OF JUSTICE STRIKE!!” She cried out, a bright blaze of blue aura suddenly surrounding the angel and the sword in her hands. She swung the sword back behind herself, and as she got near Kaen, lashed out towards him. The blade sliced into his side, in nearly the same spot it had been thrust into earlier. As the blade entered, the aura traveled from Azazial through the blade, and ignited Kaen in the same colorful blaze.
Kaen started to scream out in pain, as the energy tore at his very being, something he had never felt before, nor would any other living being. He stared into the eyes of Azazial, weeping for the first time in his short life, realizing how much pain she was inflicting upon him.
Azazial left the blade embedded in Kaen’s side, unwrapping her hands from around the hilt. She slowly backed away, her eyes never breaking contact with Kaen’s eyes. She watched as Kaen fell to his knees, trying to clutch at the blade now cleaved nearly a third into his side. Even with his immense strength and ability to push it beyond even superhuman limits, he could not pull it out.
“I can’t fucking believe you hit me with this blade! FUCK!” Kaen wept, still trying to pull the blade out of his side. He could feel his energy slowly fading, his life quickly draining away. He knew he had to act fast, to remove the blade before he died, something he wasn’t prepared to face.
Ace kneeled nearby, still recovering from his massive wounds that Kaen had inflicted upon him. His skeleton was fractured in many places, and had he not possessed his recovering abilities, would have died from the fight. He watched as his clone struggled to pull out the sword in his side, as well as being on covered in a fiery blue aura that looked like it was nearly melting the skin off. Ace coughed up a bit of blood, and then looked around to find his friends, as well as Azazial.
Kevin was lying nearby, seemingly unconscious. Ace reached out with his mind and could feel Kevin still there, just holding on barely. Switching from telepathy, Ace reached out with his power senses, and could feel that Hype barely had any energy left, some of the wounds he had suffered were causing him to lose energy instead of recovering. He was worried about his friend, and started to cry.
“Don’t cry my love. All will be okay.” A heavenly female voice called to him. He knew it was Azazial, the angel he had fallen for. He turned to see her standing above him. She knelt, and kissed him, pressing her lips to his. He felt a calming sensation at that point, but he still continued to cry.
“I can’t lose my friends.” Ace admitted, looking at Kevin. He also scanned the area, and found the faint energy signatures of Kat and Chad. “This fight has nearly killed them. I can’t lose them…not like this.”
Azazial, the angel inhabiting the body of Maryjo, looked deep into Ace’s eyes. “I WILL NOT let them die, my love. It is not their time, nor yours.” She calmly told him, before kissing him one more time. She then stood up, and motioned her hand towards Kevin. With a flick of her wrist, a bolt of energy struck Kevin’s body. She did the same for Kat and Chad, as well as their classmates, old enemies now friends, who had helped in the battle.
“Thank you, my love. I still can’t believe that you are Maryjo or that Maryjo is you, Azazial. Ugh, I’m confused.” Ace uttered, standing up. The kisses he had been given had recharged a majority of his energy, allowing him to speed up recovery.
“I’ve always been Maryjo, even when she was alive on earth. I only awakened when I was needed, and when she died, it just allowed me to do justice when needed in the world. Sometimes even Heaven needs Avengers on Earth. I am such an Avenger.” Azazial explained, cupping Ace’s face in her hands. She kissed him once more, and then smiled at him. “Let us—“
Blood splattered across Ace’s face, as Azazial coughed up blood. Both looked at each other in horror, before looking down to see the rune covered blade impaled through both of them.
“Fucking bitch! HA! Who’s serving justice now!?!” Kaen gloated, holding onto the blade, as well as the gaping wound at his side. He had managed to pull the blade out by cutting around it, critically injuring himself just to removed the sword. He pushed the sword deeper, sliding it until the hilt hit Azazial’s backside.
Ace looked in horror at Azazial’s eyes, as she tried to cry out. He could feel the blade in him, but was more shocked at the expression on his beloved’s face. Her arms tensed up, and her wings fluttered about, almost convulsing, feathers fluttering in the air around them. “Ace…he…he..help…”
Kaen pulled the blade out with a quick jerk, and then stabbed again, this time higher than the lower abdomen that he had struck first. This time he struck dead center of the back, pushing nearly through the heart of the angel. She roared out in pain, the sound almost deafening Ace and Kaen, as well as anyone within a mile. The trees surrounding them nearly cracked, bark and limbs blasted off by just the sheer wave of her scream.
“No…NO…NOOOOOOO!!!” Ace growled, tears streaming down his face, as he pulled himself off the blade, his wound nearly instantaneously healing itself. He watched as Kaen kicked Azazial down to the ground, the blade still shoved into her back. The blade had even pierced her wings, and now the holy white feathers were drenched in her blood.
Ace saw that, and immediately locked his eyes upon his clone. A bright white aura of energy surged around Ace, an aura unlike any other aura he had produced in his life. The aura swirled about, the very ground around Ace crackling underneath the swirl, with dust and stone hovering in mid-air. Ace’s eyes lit with a fiery death gaze, locking harder onto Kaen. Kaen just smiled at him.
“Wow, seems you really do have it in you to become as powerful a---“ He was interrupted in his speech, as Ace instantly punched him square in the jaw. Kaen never even had time to react, nor was he able to react to the flurry of blows Ace laid upon him as he was knocked back by the first blow. Blow after blow struck Kaen’s body, Ace’s fists bleeding from the sheer impact of bone upon bone with the immeasurable strength he was throwing them with. Ace took one final punch, catapulting Kaen through several nearby trees.
“We end this now!” Ace yelled, again instantly appearing next to Kaen. The claws in his hand slid out, and he began to rapidly stab at Kaen. Kaen started to smile and laugh, blood drenching the two of them as the claws ripped into major arteries and veins. Tears swelled from Ace’s eyes, his emotions running fast and hard, pushing Ace’s powers past their normal limits. The white blazing aura flamed higher around him as he assaulted his clone.
Kaen smiled at Ace, blood running out of the corner of his mouth. “This has…been…as much fun…as….killing…your….parents…”
Ace stopped in mid punch, one hand pulled back, the other holding Kaen to the tree with his claws impaled in the clone’s body. He looked into the clone’s eyes, and saw the truth. “YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!” The white aura surrounding Ace flashed an intense red, catching some of the limbs nearby on fire.
“DON’T DO IT DAVIS!! YOU’RE NOT A MURDERER!!” Azazial cried out, watching as Ace pulled both of his arms back, claws extended out, muscles aching to contract and end the battle.
Kaen spat blood at Ace’s face. “Go…go on….do it…kill…me….KILL ME YOU PUSSY!!!!”
“AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ace cried out, his arms stretching out, his metallic claws ripping through Kaen’s flesh and bones.
His friends, now recovering from their own wounds thanks to Ace and Azazial’s powers, watched in horror as Ace sheered off both of Kaen’s arms. The limbs fell a few feet from the two men, flapping about in the ground, blood covering the soil.
“Holy….I…didn’t think…you…” Kaen tried to speak, but Ace punched him square in the mouth, cracking all of Kaen’s teeth and most of this jaw bone. He also left a sizable crater in the wood behind Kaen’s head.
Ace stepped down, stumbling backwards before falling down on his ass. He looked up at Kaen, his clone. He had almost killed this man. But this was no man, and he did not deserve to be spared. Ace looked up, seeing Kaen trying to move, the wounds Ace had caused nearly impossible to heal. Kaen fell forward to the ground, his eyes so battered and bruised that he couldn’t even see anymore.
“You fucking pussy…you can’t even finish me off…I’ll recover from your little temper tantrum and then I’m gonna cut your head off and then rape that bird of yours…” Kaen threatened, some of this wounds slowly healing as his gaze met Ace’s.
Ace flipped up to a stand, and then walked over to Kaen. He picked up his armless clone, and then flung him back towards the others. Within seconds he was back on his clone, throwing hard punches left and right to Kaen’s head. “I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU KAEN!!!”
“ACE NO!!!” Azazial cried out, trying to get up. The sword was still impaled through her torso, but she had managed to stand up. With a jerk, she pulled out the blade, and used it to lean on. She walked over towards the two fighting. “You can’t kill him…it’s my job…”
“HE’S GOT TO FUCKING DIE!! YOU’VE SAID IT YOURSELF!!” Ace yelled, the white aura blazing around him again. His hands were bleeding and cracking from the sheer magnitude of his strength, and Kaen’s body was not fairing any better. Ace reached his arm back for one final blow, but Azazial’s hand gripped his.
“My love…no.” Azazial calmly told him, as she pulled him off Kaen. “This abomination will pay for his crimes by my blade, not by yours. If you kill him, you will have a tainted soul to which you will never recover. It is IMPERATIVE that you stay pure, for the sake of the world.”
Ace looked a bit stunned. “Me?”
“I’ve always told you that you had a destiny ahead of you. The reason why I had to step in and help was Kaen was not apart of your life’s map. Somebody out there knows the timeline and what must happen, and they introduce Kaen and the others into the mix just to stir things up and change things. You must find that person and correct the changes, or lest the world be plunged into evil.” Azazial explained, her hand softly touching Ace’s battered and bruised face. “It’s why this must happen.”
“What must happen?” Ace asked, as he felt her hand pull away. He watched, as she lifted her sword above her head.
Muttering in a language that no one human could understand, Azazial looked skyward. She finished, and then looked down at Kaen, who was in shock and anticipatory towards what was about to happen. “HEAVENLY JUDGMENT FINAL SACRIFICE!” She yelled out, a bolt of blue and white energy crashing down from above onto the blade. The entire forest lit up brightly, as the blade was infused with the energy. It blazed almost the same as Ace was, and it made Kaen smile.
“Bring it…” He shrewdly told Azazial, as he smiled up at her. Azazial took one look and brought the blade down, stabbing Kaen in the center of his chest. But at the same exact time, his two nearly lifeless arms leapt up from where they were flopping at, and cleaved her in half across her torso, his hands covered in the psychokenetic energy claws that he alone produced. “GOTCHA BITCH!!”
Ace watched in horror, as he saw Azazial being torn apart. His brain could not even fathom what had taken place. Her torso had been cleanly sliced horizontally, her upper torso falling on the ground next to Kaen, and her lower torso falling backwards. Ace saw the look on her face, as she laid on the ground, staring at Kaen in shock.
Ace’s body began to move, but he wasn’t aware of anything. He moved toward Kaen, his claws extended, and a new red and black aura surrounding him. He saw the blade still embedded in Kaen’s chest, the white and blue energy still blazing up from it like a flame. Ace grabbed the sword, and the two auras combined, engulfing both Ace and Kaen in a colorful fire.
“You WILL die here, RIGHT NOW.” Ace growled, raising the sword up. He held it above his head, his arms trembling from the weight, despite the fact that he could push his strength to lift impossible weights.
“You first!” Kaen growled back, making his arms attack Ace. But Ace was prepared for that, and twirled out of the way, swing the sword at both arms as they passed back. He cleanly cleaved them in several pieces, and the auras burned the arms to dust.
“NOW DIE!” Ace yelled, as he straightened himself back above Kaen. With a fluid swing, Ace beheaded Kaen, and with a follow up stab, plunged the sword into Kaen’s chest, through his heart.
Ace’s aura faded, and he dropped immediately to his knees, in front of Azazial. Tears ran down from both of their eyes, as they both realized the situation now created. Ace mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’ to her, as he grabbed her upper torso.
“It…it…is….done…” Azazial coughed up, still in shock. Her arms cupped Ace’s shoulders, and she looked up at him. “You…have…changed things…now…”
Ace cried deeply. “I know..but what changes?”
“Everything.” Azazial gasped a hard deep breath, as she caressed Ace’s face for the last time.
Ace started to shake her body, but realized that she had passed. Angrily he cried out, his voice shaking the most hardened of objects. Even his friends who were recovering and starting to become aware of the situation were feeling his pain. People miles away were feeling his pain.
Ace held her tightly, rocking back and forth, trying to get something out of her, but she was gone. Despite being an angel, being able to regenerate massive wounds, this was a fatal wound and she would not recover.
Kevin was the first to stand up, and he made his way over to his best friend. He knelt beside Ace, putting his hand on Ace’s shoulder. He didn’t say anything. No words would matter. He just held onto Ace’s shoulder, and cried with him.
The others surrounded him within minutes as they got up from their own wounds. They were hurting for Ace, and for this deep loss. They all knelt down around Ace and Azazial, tears streaming down their faces as they all began to cry.
“She can’t be dead…she just can’t be…” Kat cried, holding onto Azazial’s hand. She could feel that there was no longer any life in Azazial’s body, and it deeply saddened her.
“But we won right? I mean Kaen, Ivy, Kente, and Rufus are dead right?” Joey piped in, looking over the battlefield.
Ace looked over at the football captain. “Yeah, we won. But with a price.”
“Several.” Kevin added, as he stood up. He winced, sending out his telepathic scans. He traced all the way back to the Micheals house, then around town, then around the state. He found several people thinking about the Micheals, and the horrible accident they were in, and Kevin was stunned by what he picked up. With a dread look on his face, Kevin turned to Ace. “He wasn’t lying. They’re dead Ace…your parents are dead.”
Ace kept staring at Azazial’s face. “I know.” He wiped away the last of his tears and stood up. “The Company is gonna pay for this.”
Kevin looked at his friend. He tried to read Ace’s thoughts, but he could no longer reach into Ace’s head. He could see the anger in Ace’s face, could feel the emotions running deep within Ace, but no thoughts emerged with it. Then he remembered thoughts Ace once had long ago. Kevin’s faced turned sour. “Ace, don’t do it.”
“I have to. They have to pay…they have to pay for Kaen, for them, for Azazial, for us. They have to pay for my parents, and everyone else. For our real parents, for the people who were our parents all these years. For everyone. I WILL MAKE THEM PAY.” Ace defiantly growled. His eyes were very intense looking, and he looked into every one of his friends’ eyes. “Goodbye.” And with that, he jumped high in the sky, and rocketed off, surprising everyone.
Kevin watched in shocked. “Motherfucker..” He tried to scan for Ace, but he could no longer touch his friend’s mind. He was being blocked, and Kevin couldn’t even use it to pinpoint his friend. Ace was gone.

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Keith Mackenlen Michael Kime

(no subject)

from: acemikels
date: Apr. 19th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)

well it was meant to be a brutal morale blow to everyone, especially Ace. Although honestly, she got it easy. Kaen flat out brutally and harshly murders many of the Hunters and their new allies' parents. We're talking massive body part in little pieces...pretty sick and twisted. Also he kills Rufus and Kente in a pretty brutal manner.

Luckily i haven't written too much use of his power. He's got Ace's power, except he has to draw in power from others. Essentially Ace's powers aren't just him generating energy on his own. Ace actually gains energy by duplicating it from others. The more people with energy around him, the stronger he gets. Kaen works the opposite: he drains energy from people around him, including enemies.

Thanks for reading my stories! I'm working on more!

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(no subject)

from: anduril_phoenix
date: Apr. 20th, 2008 02:52 am (UTC)

I think some writing on the atrocities Kaen commits would be good for the story. It might help cement him as the "bad guy". Just my thoughts though.

And a bit off-topic, but here's one of my favorite websites for Ice and Fire. It's got spoilers in it, but it should be ok. Here you go, love.

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