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Hunters: Angel Song (Beginnng Part)

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Apr. 17th, 2008 | 09:42 pm

I unlocked my harddrive this weekend (incase no one knew, my comp crashed and part of my drive locked itself, including all my docs and such). So I have access to all my stories (which is why i've been posting them all). So I went though my latest story which is the first part to the Angel Song story that I post the NSFW part already.

This is a good one for introductions. I go over a lot of plot elements in which Davis explains to Maryjo things. So its good for learning things.

It was a clear sky kind of day. The sun was shining, the birds were chasing each other through the winding cityscape, and children were running happily through the city park.
Davis Micheals was 10 years old that day. He was in the park with his friends, chasing after the girls and enjoying squirt guns. In particular he was chasing after one girl, a little curly blond named Maryjo St. Claire.
She lived down the block from Davis, and always picked on him, having a small school girl crush on him. He was just slightly older, about 2 years, but she knew she liked him, from the first time she saw him when he was playing tag out with his friends. They went to school together, took the same bus, and often sat in the same seat together. She thought he was rather cute, sorta snobbish, but he had those adorable brown eyes. He just thought she was some annoying girl who liked to chase him around. He hardly really thought of her as anything more than a pesty little girl, but a little deep down, he was starting to like her.
Davis was sneaking up on Maryjo and two her friends, Jennah White and Ronnie Simms. They were sitting by a large oak tree, playing innocently with their Barbie dolls. Davis knew Maryjo would be out playing with hers, since she was a major Barbie fan.
Davis saw them playing, and he signaled his two friends, Robert Hake and Marcus Smith. They were all armed with the latest supersoakers, and had them full pumped to shoot a large load of water. Davis crept over a large tree limb, and took aim.
“AAAAAAAAAH!!!!” The little blonde screamed out, as the first stream of water hit her. She looked at Davis, and got a very furious angry look on her face. “DAVIS MICHEALS YOU ARE DEAD!!!”
“BAKA LITTLE GIRL!!! Gotta catch me first to kill me!” Davis replied, running away. Marcus and Robert got their shots off and high tailed after Davis, followed by the girls.
Davis jumped over a tree limb, and headed across the park to the jungle gym. Once he got there, he climbed up the slide, and then jumped across to the monkey bars, before jumping down to run to his little hiding spot he and his friends had underneath the jungle gym’s large climbing dome.
“DAVIS MICHEALS I WILL KICK YOU!!” Maryjo yelled, running straight to the dome. She jumped into it through one of the larger shapes cut into it, and she grabbed Davis by the arm, kicking him hard.
“Get off me! Baka little girl!” He told her. It was their little thing together. He had liked the word ‘Baka’ from watching Japanese cartoons, and he knew it meant idiot. He knew she was a smart girl, having helped him with his own school work, but he thought it was a nice annoying thing to call her.
“No, quit squirting me and my friends, you punk!” She kicked him again, this time close to his groin, which left him half-kneeling over. He tried to grab her, but she jumped back of the dome, and ran off.
“You okay Davis?” Marcus asked, as he entered their hangout.
Davis groaned. “Not really, but let’s get them!” He started back out, trying to follow Maryjo. He and the two other boys spread out, before Marcus spotted her and her friends heading further along in the park, back towards where they were at in the first place.
The boys grouped back up and snuck back upon the girls. It was the usual routine. Except this time, Maryjo had the upper hand. As they guys approached, she and her friends turned and popped them all with water balloons. Laughing, she and her friends ran off.
“Get them, I’ll get her.” Davis ordered, as he ran after Marjyo. He ran as hard as he could, and within a few minutes, easily caught up with her. “That wasn’t funny Baka Little Girl.”
“Neither was squirting me, BAKA ANNOYING BOY!” Maryjo replied back, as she giggled. She turned, and saw Davis next to her. She grabbed his arm, and pulled him down to kiss his cheek. “BAKA YOURSELF!”
Davis was a bit stunned, and then tried to wipe away the kiss. “EEEEWWWW Girl germs!” He pushed her away, and then stumbled back a bit. “Man, I can’t believe Baka Little Girl kissed me. Eeww eeww eeWW!!” He cried, trying wipe at his cheek.
Marjyo looked irritated. She stomped her foot, then ran up to Davis. She kicked him hard in the groin, and then ran off. “YOU PUNK BAKA ANNOYING BOY!!”
Davis watched as she tried to run off back towards their apartments. She started to cross the street, looking both ways. Davis ran off after her. “Wait, stop!” He saw a car storming down the streets, unusual for the Big Apple.
Maryjo turned to face Davis, a major mistake. The car tried to swerve, but couldn’t in time. Davis watched in horror as she was hit full on and thrown several yards, hitting an oncoming car’s windshield.
Davis knew he was screaming, yet no sound was heard. He ran up to the crash, but people were already checking on her. He saw the blood, the broken glass and metal, the body laying there motionless. He saw someone pick her up, trying to get a response. He saw her eyes, those blue eyes, dead to the world. Davis screamed, but there was no sound.

Davis woke up again. It was the 3rd night in a row he had the same dream of that day, of the day Maryjo St. Claire had died. He had no idea why he kept having it, but he was. Kevin, even with his telepathic powers, could not find a reason, and so far, none of the Gen4s had control over dreams.
Davis swung his legs out of bed and headed downstairs to get a drink of water. His mother was up, as usual with her early morning routine. Even though he would be waking up 2 hours later, Davis knew his mom would be up.
“Same dream?” She asked, as he entered the kitchen. She was wearing her favorite purple robe, and Davis could tell she was getting ready for a big day of meetings, based on the curlers in her hair. She was working at the kitchen table on her laptop.
“Yes.” He grumbled, as he sat at the table. She put down a glass on water, and brushed her hands through his hair. She walked back over to her sear in front of her laptop.
“You can’t keep thinking you got that girl killed, Davis. It was an accident, pure and simple.” She told him, as she went back to working on her presentation for the day.
Davis grumbled, putting his head down on the table. “I know, I know. I mean I guess I’m feeling these feelings because of the recent fights here.”
Davis’s mom petted his head. “I know it was tough, but the company is not gonna stop testing you four. You are the most powerful of the Gen4s, in their eyes, and so they’re trying to figure out how to counter you. I haven’t been able to find anything at work leading to anything, but I just have a hunch.”
“I’m still worried that you two are working there, now that you’re involvement with us is a bit more known.” Davis told her, looking at his mother. She smiled at him, which made him feel a bit more at ease.
“We’ve been in tougher spots. Besides, nothing has changed at work. I told you, they keep things separated there. The Gen Project is completely separate from anything else, and our past involvement was destroyed along time ago. As far as linking our kids to us, that’s always been there, and you know it. They’re not going to do anything to us.”
“Mom, if anything ever did happen, I swear they will pay.” Davis looked intently angry after saying that to his mother. He loved his parents dearly, and knowing how a lot of the other parents involved with the Company ended up in serious problems, even dead, he didn’t want to deal with that.
She smiled at him. “Just be careful with saying something like that, son. I know you are capable of so much, but destroying the company for ours or anyone else’s death won’t bring us back. Just do the right thing and make sure we never die.” She kissed him on his head. “Now go back to bed for a bit. I’ll call Kevin and let him know you’ll be a period late.”
Getting up, Davis looked at his mother. He could feel a general sadness in looking at her, but he dismissed it, and headed back to bed.

“I can’t believe you keep having the same dream. It’s been what…3 days now…that’s just a bit odd.” Kat told her friend, as they stumbled through the halls, heading 2nd perod. She was wearing a red Chinese-styled blouse, with a black short skirt. Her hair was pulled back into two little buns, along with two chopsticks holding the buns together. She had gone with a cute Chinese theme for today.
Davis held on to the straps of his bookbag. He was in his typical black shorts, with his white muscle shirt and a plain black button-up short sleeve shirt that he had unbuttoned and open. “Tell me about it. I’m barely able to stay awake in class.”
“Yeah well at least it hasn’t affected your training.” Chad noted, as he joined them. He had got them before the trio ahead to math class. “We still on for some flight training?”
Davis clasped his hands together. “You know it. I’m definitely enjoying this new power of mine.”
“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. We still need to figure out what to do with the recent appearance of the Players, Queenie, and Nathan. They’re back and stronger than ever, but haven’t attacked us.” Kevin chimed in, looking at Davis. “Doesn’t everyone think it’s a bit odd that we haven’t faced anyone new, or even some of our older enemies who now are back in school? Something is up and I can’t put my finger on it.” Ever the non-conformist, Kevin was wearing a blue t-shirt, with pictures showing the evolution of the various Nintendo platforms. He was also in jeans and sneakers.
Davis put his hand on Kevin’s back. “You’ll figure it out, as always. Remember, you find the problem…” Davis cracked his knuckles together. “..and I take care of it.”
“Funny…I recall kicking your ass last match, BIZNITCH!” Kevin replied, getting in a quick slap to the back of Davis’s head.
“Davis Micheals, please report to the office. Davis Micheals, to the office.” A voice was heard over the PA system.
Davis groaned. “Ah the fuck…what now…” He looked at his friends. “Catcha later I guess right?”
“Yep.” Kat answered, her hand in Kevin’s hand.
“See ya.” Kevin added, as he and Kat turned to finish their walk to the West Wing.
“Yah bro, I’m out. Got to get to physics.” Chad replied. “Later at lunch man, I’ll teach you better aerial control.”
Davis smiled. “Thanks.”
“No problem. Hope its nothing bad.” Chad yelled to him, as he headed towards the other end of the South Wing.
“Me too.” Davis turned, and headed back into the main building. He worked his way into the main office, and then found his way to the secretary’s desk.
Standing next to it was a petite blond. Her back was turned, so Davis took the time to check her out. She had long curly hair down to her mid back. She wore a black, white, and grey schoolgirl short skit, with almost knee high black strapped boots. She had on a similar colored top, which was a short-sleeve hoodie. On her back was a bookbag with a coffin purse attached, which was covered in little trinkets.
Davis coughed a bit, getting her attention. As she turned, Davis got more of a look at her. She had a gorgeous smile, wrapped in red lipstick. Her eyes were blue as aquamarines, and she had arched black eyebrows. She gave one look at Davis, bit her lip teasingly, and then turned back to the secretary. The secretary handed her a schedule, and the girl then turned to Davis.
“Hello Baka Annoying Boy…” She coyly said, looking straight into Davis’s eyes.
Davis took a step back, almost getting into a defensive stance. “Maryjo…?”
“In the flesh. Been a while Davis…what almost 7 years now.” Maryjo replied, stepping closer. Davis stepped back, a bit apprehensive. “I won’t bite.”
Davis blinked. “You’re…you’re supposed to be..you’re supposed to be dead…”
Maryjo laughed, which made Davis’s heart dance a bit. “No silly. I was badly hurt, but I wasn’t killed. Didn’t your parents ever get that notice from my parents? I had to go to New Jersey for medical treatment, then to Arkansas because of my father’s job. I haven’t been dead.”
“But why didn’t you try contacting me or anyone else? Everyone thought you were dead, we had no idea!” Davis angrily said, almost crying.
She touched his face, and he calmed down. “Baka, stop it. I tried, but I guess you moved or something, I don’t know. I’m just surprised your parents never knew or told you if you knew. Perhaps maybe you just don’t remember.”
“REMEMBER? REMEMBER?!? I’ve been having nightmares the past few nights and now you suddenly show up as if nothing happened! Is this some trick? Are you some Gen out to mess with me?” Davis growled, slapping away her hand.
Maryjo looked at him inquisitively. “What’s a Gen? And why do you think this is some trick? My father’s job brought him here, and it’s just nice to see a friendly face. I had seen on your MySpace page that you went here, and so I convinced my parents to let me come to your school, even though I live WAY across town.” She looked slightly hurt. “I know that it might just seem strange, and sure, it is, especially if you’ve been having nightmares about me for the past few nights. Now suddenly I show up, and what are you to think of it?”
“Davis Micheals, what are you doing to this poor girl?” A loud male voice boomed beside him. Davis turned to see Principal Borlen starting him down.
“Sir, I’m not sure. I knew this girl from New York, when I was younger. I saw her get severely injured by a car, and everyone I knew thought she was dead. Now she shows up, I’ve been having nightmares about the scene, and I…I just don’t know what to make of it.” Davis explained, turning back to Maryjo. “I’m sorry.” He then walked out of the office.
She chased after him. “Hey, BAKA! I’m very much alive! And you’re supposed to be showing me around campus! BAKA BAKA BAKA GOD YOU ARE ANNOYING EVEN YEARS LATER!!”
Davis put his hands on his straps and then walked back to her. “Fine, follow me. But I don’t trust you. Nothing here makes sense. I lead a very non-sense making life, but nothing beats you coming back from the dead.”
She touched his shoulder, calming him once again. “I’m telling you, I had extensive surgery. If it weren’t for the surgeries and stuff, I wouldn’t be walking. But I am. Now show me around.”
Davis checked out again as he faced her. She was even more beautiful now then she ever was, almost even more beautiful than Kat, and that was saying something, in his opinion. He turned, and took her schedule. “Let’s see…I’m not surprised you don’t have any classes with me, seeing as you’re a freshman, but they’re in the areas near me. Most of your classes are in this building, either upstairs or down this hall here. And your last class is across campus. I’ll take you to your 2nd period class, and then you can meet me here at the stairs for lunch.”
“Sure thing. Have you made any friends while you’ve been down here?” Maryjo asked, as they started to climb up the stairs to the 2nd floor.
Davis smiled. “I’ve met some amazing friends down here. I don’t know what I would do without them, but they make my life a lot less complicated. You can meet them at lunch.”
Maryjo blushed a bit, and then turned to Davis. “So you want to buy me lunch, old time’s sake?”
“Sure, Baka Little Girl.” It the first time he had called her that name in ages, and it felt so good to say it. He smiled, and then they headed up the stairs, just quiet the entire time.

“She’s telling the truth. She really is Maryjo St. Claire. She had extensive surgery, nearly had to spend 4 years learning to walk. Her only thought was getting back to see you. She just didn’t know how to really talk to you, since her parents had learned that everyone thought she had died. They were already in a lot of financial debt, so it was easy for them to slip away. She had managed to learn about your through that stupid Myspace of yours, and when her dad needed to change jobs, she suggested down here.” Kevin told Davis, as they sat in class. He had been scanning Maryjo most of the period once Davis returned to class.
“Eh, I still don’t trust her. Something just feels odd. I mean sometimes when she touches me I get so calm, and then at other times I’m irritated at her for the whole fake-death thing.” Davis responded, doing some math work.
“So is she cute?” Kat asked, as she checked over Kevin’s work. “Sweetie, this is wrong.”
“Tell that to the teacher. She says it right.” Kevin smiled. “So?”
Davis blushed. “Yes, she’s cute. Very cute. Amazingly beautiful. Heck, she gives Kat a run for her money.”
“Ah, that’s sweet Davis.” Kat blushed back, smiling at her friend.
Kevin grimaced. “There is something else there. I can’t quite tell, but I feel something else. It could be nothing, but we’ve dealt with non-Gens before, so I guess be careful.”
Davis looked a bit concerned. “Anything we need to worry about?”
“I’m not sure. It seems to feel, if that can be a word to describe it, as good. Or well intentioned towards us.” Kevin replied. “Whatever it is, we’ll find out sooner or later. But I would trust who she says she is.”
“Thanks. Its good to have a friend that reads mind.” Davis smiled, putting his hands behind his head, leaning back in his chair.
“Yes, and please keep those thoughts about her to yourself. Quit broadcasting.” Kat grumbled, since she was able to hear Davis’s thoughts through her mental link with her two friends. “Pervert.”
“What, I’m a virgin!” Davis yelled, which prompted some giggles in class. Kevin and Kat smiled, and went back to work.

Davis was a bit apprehension, as he made his way to the stairs to meet Maryjo. He didn’t know what to really think after all these years. It had been far too long since the days of chasing each other with water guns and balloons, playing tag in the park with their friends. Now he was a teenager, and a powerful one with super powers. How could see relate to him?
He opened the doors to the main building, and saw her standing alone on the top of the stairs. A beam of light cascaded down around her, and she appeared as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, almost angelic in nature. She saw him staring up at her, and she smiled. Just the smile warmed Davis’s heart, and he slowly climbed the stairs to her.
They didn’t say anything. He just grabbed her hand like old times, and walked her back down stairs. They didn’t pay in attention to anyone else, just strolling through the halls, back to meet Kevin, Kat, and Chad. The three friends were quite surprised to see the two holding hands, let alone the smiles on their faces. It hadn’t even been a day, and yet these two people were acting like this.
“Maryjo, this is Kat, Kevin, and Chad. Guys, Maryjo.” Davis introduced Maryjo. Kevin coughed, and slightly pointed to them holding hands, and Davis let go. “Um…it’s not what you think?” He raised a questionable eye and shrugged.
Maryjo jokingly gasped. “I see how you are. Hey, nice to meet you three. I’m sure Davis is a pain in the ass like he used to be back in New York.”
Kat laughed. “Oh yeah, major. Come on, let me show you where to get some food. Plus we can get some girl talk in while the guys go and get us drinks.” Kat grabbed her by the shoulders, and half-dragged her away from Davis and the other two guys.
“She is cute, Ace.” Chad told his friend, as he eyed her. “Too bad she’s a freshman, or else I’d be hitting on her.” He smiled at Davis, but got a dense look from him.
Kevin patted Chad on his shoulder. “Sorry buddy, but that little hottie’s gots the hots for dumbshit here.”
Davis looked at Kevin. “Seriously?”
“Dude. I read her mind for 20 minutes. It’s just about all she’s thought about. As soon as she learned about MySpace and using it for searching for people, she got all excited cause she’s been in love with your since you were little kids together. That girl is even more bonkers for you then I am for Kat.” Kevin commented, as he watched the two girls getting drinks.
Davis ordered food, and then looked at Kevin. “Wow…that’s nice to know. I mean she’s hot, but I’m not sure. I mean it’s been a long time since well I liked her. And besides, I’m trying to get over Ashley.” Ashley had been Davis’s last girlfriend, and was also a Gen4. She had been sent to capture Davis and kill Chad, but she was critically injured during the fight with Davis. She was currently missing from school, but the group knew she was being healed by the Company.
“Dude, she fucking tried to cleave my head off.” Chad grumbled. He still could feel the injury, even though his regenerative powers healed the wound.
“Yeah, I know. She nearly took my balls off. Nice tits though.” Davis added, as they all sat down at their usual bench.
The two girls returned, both with smiles on their faces. Maryjo sat down next to Davis, “I got you a Dr. Pepper.”
“Thanks. I think it’s a stable of this group.” Davis thanked her, as he took the 20oz bottle from her. He took a sip, and then put it down. “So you liking school so far?”
“Yeah, it’s awesome. I met a couple of cool people in last period, and they even have class with me next period. And the teacher was nice.” She explained, as she ate some of her pizza that the guys had gotten.
“Most of the teachers here are pretty nice. I definitely enjoy it.” Davis added, as he ate. “I take it you had fun chatting with Kat?”
Kat giggled. “She’s a trip. She was telling me about this one time when you were chasing her through the park near your apartments in New York and your pants fell around your knees, and your tripped, and everyone could see your Spiderman undies.”
Davis blushed a bright red. “Crap I had forgotten about that. My knees hurt for a week, all bloody and stuff. And I remember you throwing a water balloon on me right afterwards, so not only did I have bloody knees, but wet undies.” Davis poked her. “Well how about that time I caught you and Bobby Larson under the dome trying to play doctor.”
This time Maryjo blushed. “You didn’t want to play with me, he did. Was your loss. I was a good doctor back then, still am.” She smiled coyly.
Chad raised an eyebrow towards her, but Davis shot him a cold eye. “Just watch whom you play ‘doctor’ with here. Lots of punks.” Davis coldly grumbled, as he sipped his soda.
Maryjo poked him in the side. “I don’t need you to protect me, to be some sort of superhero for me. I can take care of myself, thank you very much.” She grabbed her food, and stood up. “I’m gonna go find my new friends and find my next class. I guess I’ll see you later then, huh Davis?”
Davis looked a bit hurt. “Sure. Need a ride home?”
“Yeah, I guess. You can visit with my mom, she should be home. Where are you parked, or where should I meet you?” She yelled back, as she walked away.
“The stairs. Meet me at the stairs. I’ll be there.” Davis replied. She waved him off, and then headed into the crowd.
Chad playful slapped Davis in the forehead. “Smooth move dumbass.”
“What, can’t a guy be protective?” Davis asked, as they all got up.
“Yes, you can be protective. But you just kinda said it meanly to her.” Kat replied, as she threw away her lunch basket. “The girl does have it in for you. She kept asking me if you had a girlfriend or not.”
Davis coughed. “Kevin told me he saw it in her head. It’s just kinda freaky. I mean to have someone like that just want to love you, even after all this time.”
“It happens. Look at us. We’ve been in love with each other since elementary school, and it took till high school for us to say it.” Kat explained. She kissed Kevin firmly, and then turned to the guys. “Catch you later, got to get to class to turn in homework before the bell.”
“Later girl.” Chad told her, as she ran off. Kevin and Davis waved at her as she entered the building and left the guys to themselves. “Okay Davis, I’m off as well. Remember we have flying lessons this afternoon.”
“Yep. As soon as I’ve dropped Maryjo off, I’ll meet you at the lair, and then we’ll get on it. But I do need to patrol tonight. It’s been a few weeks.” Davis agreed, as he waved Chad off.
“I don’t even know why you even bother to patrol. You should just let the cops do their jobs.” Kevin commented, as they headed towards their next class. “Besides, you still have the most hideous looking outfit, let alone that stupid name you give yourself.”
“Fuck you, I like my outfit. I only patrol because it’s easy to do and it’s sort of a workout for me.” Davis explained, as they entered the west wing.
“They’re also humans, Davis. I remember one time you snapped one thug’s arm in half and he still can’t use it to this day. You’re easily more powerful than any other Gen, and yet you choose to bully people.”
Davis looked sternly at his friend. “I am not bullying thugs. I am stopping them from becoming criminals and doing worse things than simple muggings and stealing cars. If one guy’s arm doesn’t work anymore, maybe it’ll set an example of what not to do. Sometimes force is necessary to achieve peace. Look at history.”
“History is in the past, this is the present. And people in the past that believed in that idea were typically in the wrong anyways.” Kevin debated, as they sat down in their class.
“But we also follow that rule to this day. We’ve always met force with force. We fight other Gens, we fight other organizations’ super powered freaks. Are we in the wrong for that? We know the Christoff is wanting to use us for something, that all these stupid fights are just training methods along with getting data on us. If we just ignore the fights, then we may as well hand ourselves in.” Davis grumbled, looking at his friend. “I know that you don’t like to fight, it’s never been your thing, and I wish I could be like that. But I fight because I must.”
Kevin coughed and then looked at his friend sternly. “It’s always a choice Davis. Always. You can choose to walk away from the fights. You can choose to just defend yourself, like I do. Or you can choose to attack people, like you do. It’s always a choice man.”
Davis turned his back to Kevin, and stopped talking. He even shut his mind off from Kevin reaching him. Kevin poked in the back with a finger, but didn’t get a response.

Davis ignored Kevin through out the class and even the following class. Kat was surprised when Kevin told him about their discussion, and she thought Davis was being a dick about the whole thing.
“I still don’t see why he got mad at you for what you said. And it’s not like him.” She commented, as they put their books up in their lockers after school was over.
“I guess he’s got a lot on his mind. That girl comes back into his life, his parents are having problems, he’s still distraught over Ashley, and he hasn’t had a real fight in a long time since then. I just bugged him on patrolling when he’s hurting more than helping people.” Kevin replied, closing his locker with a slam.
Davis walked past his two friends, and headed out to his car. As he got nearer, he remembered Maryjo, and ran back to meet her. He once again was amazed at her beauty as he saw her standing, waiting on him.
“Hey there.” He spoke softly, as he eyed her.
“Meow. Had a good day?” She asked, as she came bouncing toward him with a couple of skips. She slung her bookbag tighter over her shoulder, and then smiled at him. “Mine was great. I met this really cute guy name Sam.”
“That’s cool. Mine was alright. Got into a little spat with Kevin, but it’ll be all right.” Davis responded, opening the door for her.
“Sorry. Anything I can help with? I’m good at helping people out.” She asked, looking at her friend.
Davis sighed. “Not really. There’s a lot going on that I wish I could tell you about, but I can’t. Let’s just say that we do a lot of extra activities that require a lot of our attention. Some of those activities are a bit questionable, and Kevin, being the type of person he is, believes that I should quit. But I have a duty to do, so I can’t. And so we fought over that.”
Maryjo gave him an odd questioning look. “Activities? What you guys in a gang or something?”
That made Davis chuckle. “Sorta. Look, its hard to explain, and maybe soon I can explain it, but for today, right now, I can’t.”
She looked a bit hurt. “Sorry.”
“No, its nothing. Look, just don’t worry about it. Anyways, here’s my car.” Davis told her, as they neared the Monster, his blue ’91 Cutlass Supreme. It was dented in several places, remnants of previous battles with Gens, along with scores of bumper stickers covering up the trunk. It was how Davis enjoyed his car.
“You drive this car? Fuck I thought it was a wreck they hadn’t picked up yet.” Maryjo teased, as she got in.
“Laugh all you want, but it’s a good car. It’s been there for us when we needed it. Monster, Maryjo, Maryjo, Monster.” He introduced her to the car.
“Hi Monster!” She squealed happily. She looked at Davis. “Yeah, you would name your car wouldn’t you?”
“What’s that to mean? I love this car. Mom and Dad gave it to me at 15.”
Maryjo laughed a bit. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice car. I’m just not surprised that you would name it. That’s just a Davis thing.”
“Okay Baka Little Girl, I can remember how you used to play dolls and believed them to have souls and such.”
“THEY DO!” She playfully smacked him in the arm. “Actually I still believe they have souls, I just don’t play with them as often. Especially after I had this dream where one that used to sit at the top of my bookcase where I had them kept falling over, and she would be crying out to be picked up, and sometimes when I woke up, I’d find her there, on the floor. It was weird.”
Davis gave her an amused look. “You’re still a very strange girl. It’s doesn’t help you’re awful gorgeous.”
“Awful gorgeous? What, like I’m too gorgeous, or it’s a bad thing?”
“No, no, it’s a play on words, or something like that. It’s a good thing. It just means your like uber gorgeous.” Davis chuckled to himself. “But in your case, yeah, it’s a bad thing. No baka should look like you!”
She punched him again in the arm, and then grabbed it. “You’re still a mean baka yourself, baka baka baka!!!!” She giggled and laughed, and nearly caused Davis to run into another car. “God you need to learn how to drive.”
“Phhtp, I’m a damn good driver, thank you very much. You just wouldn’t let go of my damn arm.” Davis laughed at her, poking her a bit in the side.
Maryjo blushed. “You know, I haven’t had this much fun in a long while. I’m glad I made the decision to move down here. Especially now that I am back with someone I…” She stopped talking, and stared at the window.
“Someone you…? You gonna finish the sentence? Or just leave me guessing, cause trust me, I can guess a lot of good things, and bad things.” Davis told her, as he turned down a street.
“I take it you know where you are going?” She asked, not turning to look at him. She could see his face in the window’s reflection. She wanted to tell him she liked him, but she knew it was just their first day meeting back up.
“Not really. I’m just driving until you tell me where you live. And also why you didn’t finish that sentence.”
“I live over by USC. When you get close to the street, I’ll let you know. Other than that, no, I don’t want to finish the sentence.” She told him, gruffly.
“I know you like me.”
She turned around at that, looking at him stunned. “How?”
Davis shrugged smugly. “I have my ways. I like you too.”
Maryjo blushed at hearing those words. “I liked you when we were kids, and then when I saw you in the office, my heart just brought it all back out again. Its not hard, you are like super cute, but still, yeah…um…yeah…”
“I just don’t know what we can do though Maryjo. My life is really hectic, and dangerous at times. I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not.” Davis told her, as he turned again.
She was a bit hurt, but looked at him oddly. “Dangerous? What does a high school student do that is dangerous? Is that whole Gen thing you were asking me about earlier?”
Davis looked down, closing his eyes in disbelief. He thought to himself, and then made a bold decision. “What if I told you that there are people out there with superhuman abilities?”
“Abilities, like a superhero? Like that Heroes show?”
“Yeah, like that. There are people out there, well I should say rather, at our school like that.” Davis looked at her rather seriously. “What I’m about to tell you DOES NOT get repeated to ANYONE, got it?”
“Got it. So you mean to tell me you…you have super powers?” She looked very shocked, and almost scared.
Davis pulled the car over into another lane, and then turned down a small road, leading to the edge of the forest he and his friends frequently stopped in. “Get out. Let me show you, and then you decide for yourself if you really want someone like me.”
They both got of out of the Monster, and he walked her over to a nearby log. She looked at him a bit timidly, but smiled. “Kinda neat having a personal superhero.”
“It’s not all fun and games, trust me. I’ve had a lot of close calls. Okay, watch this.” Davis told her, as he walked back to the Monster. He bent over, grabbed a hold of the frame of the car, and then lifted the car up in the air. “That’s close to thirty-one hundred pounds, and it’s light.” He put the car down, the suspension jumping a bit as the tires landed.
Maryjo nearly fainted watching him lift the car over his head. “Oh-kay. So you’re like super strong…anything else? Maybe laser eye-beams or teleportation?”
“Um…not really. Actually my abilities are rather plain, but powerful none the less. I basically can push all my natural physical traits to near impossible levels. Like lifting that car, or stopping a bullet with my skin, or running close to the speed of sound. I can shift my personal gravity so I can basically walk on walls. Here, watch!” Davis explained. He walked over to a nearby tree, and started to walk up the side, pushing his energy around so he could hold on to the tree properly.
“HOLY SHIT!” Maryjo covered her mouth, trying not to be so freaked out.
Davis jumped down, and then walked towards her. “Too much?”
“No, no, it’s…it’s…it’s cool…but fuck…holy fuck…” She started to rock back and forth on the log. “Can you fly?”
Davis took her by the hand, scooped her up, and then pushed off the earth, soaring slowly. She held him tightly, and looked at his eyes the entire time. “Should I have asked first?”
“YES!” She held him even more tightly as he got higher and higher. “Don’t you dare drop me!”
“I won’t drop you.” He told her, looking into her eyes. He saw her slight fear, so he decided to return back to the car. They landed, and he put her down. “I don’t think I need to show off anymore.”
“Maybe. It’s just scary, to think that there are people out there, like you…so how many people are there?” Maryjo asked, sitting back down.
“I can’t really say for sure, but probably over 30, at least that I know of.” Davis explained. “Again, never repeat this, but then again, I could just have him erase the memories…Kevin, Kat, and Chad all have powers. So—“
“WAIT, you all have powers? What the hell? Is there some vat or something I need to drop into? Some radioactive bug to bite me?” Maryjo asked, looking at him.
“It’s not like that.” Davis sighed. “Apparently we’re all part of some government/non-government project to produce super soldiers that dates back to World War II. We’re the forth phase, called Gen4 or Genetic Enhanced Newtypes, 4th phase. Basically when our parents were pregnant with us, they were volunteered into the project, with our embryos modified so that our powers would manifest in puberty and we would have greater control than the previous phases.” Davis stood up, and then leaned on his car. “So far, we’ve faced 12 different students here, and 3 adults, all apart of this project. We’ve also faced some people from Europe and Russia’s project, and also Japan’s. There is also another American project that we’ve dealt with.”
“So why this school, why all these kids?”
“We haven’t figured that one out, at least in terms of why this school. But from what we’ve been able to figure out, we’re basically testing one another in these fights, as well as letting the company get data on us. We suspect they want to use us as weapons in some war. But my friends and I are opposed to the company. We’re just trying to live our lives as normal as we can, but we end up having to fight people, sometimes people we care about.”
“Ashley right? Kat told me you had a girlfriend recently, but she was in some sort of accident.”
“She wasn’t in some accident, she was severely injured when I had to push her powers far past her limits, causing her to not be able to re-solidify correctly. She’s been treated by the company, and it wasn’t something I want to talk about. I feel bad as it is, as it’s the second girl I’ve dated I’ve had to do that to.”
Maryjo started to laugh. “You mean to tell me you’ve dated supervillains?”
“They aren’t necessarily supervillains. They’re just people caught up in entrapment and other circumstances that make them have to fight us. She was trapped by the company because she was one of the few kids that actually grew up with the Company. Some of us, like myself, Kat, Kevin, a few others, actually managed to escape or rather we were rescued, as infants. Ashley basically had to do the Company’s bidding because her parents were blackmailed by financial obligations. We tried to help her, like Chad, but she refused. It was definitely a tough decision.”
“That definitely sucks. I’m sorry that you had to go through with some thing like that.” She looked at him tenderly. “I don’t know how to really take in all of this, but wow…”
Davis looked at her and smiled. “You know, you’re the first girl, or even a normal person that I’ve told all this too, well I mean that didn’t already know it.”
Maryjo blushed. “That is an honor I guess. So what about your parents, do they know?”
“Of course. They knew there was something special about me for a long time, and they finally asked one day if I had been noticing anything different about myself and others. They have been helping me and the gang for almost a year now.” Davis looked around, thinking a bit. “Funny thing is, they sort of work for the Company, at least in the public part, which makes it hard for the Company to do anything against them, even when I’m fighting against their secret project.”
“That is pretty ironic. Having an inside man helps.” She laughed a bit. “I can’t believe my boyfriend is a superhero.”
“Boyfriend? Since when?” Davis smiled. He strolled towards her. “Here I thought we were friends.” He knelt down in front of her, putting his hands on either side of her.
“Friends don’t do this.” She then pulled him into an embrace, pressing her lips to his. She cooed softly as they pressed tongue against tongue. Davis brought his hand to her cheek and held it there.
“I’ve missed you, Maryjo. This morning I believed you were dead. Then you reappeared in my life, and now I can’t imagine you not in it.” Davis told her honestly.
She blushed. “That is very nice to hear. I’ve missed you too.” She kissed him again, pulling him closer to him. He put an arm around her and pulled her tighter.
“I think we should stop before this gets any more heated.” He smiled.
“Hmph, why stop?” She looked at him gruffly, her eyes just full of wanting him.
Davis smiled at her. “As much as I would love it, I’ve got practice with Chad. And I’d also like to try to take things slow with you. Be a gentlemen and shit like that.”
She grabbed his hand and pressed it to her chest. “You’d rather go hang with him than me?”
Davis kept smiling, trying not to move his hand or fingers too much, despite the heat he could feel near his hand. “Trust me, its not you, definitely not you. But I made a promise, and the fact that he can track me down and then forcefully pull me away from you doesn’t appeal to me.”
She pushed his hand away. “Ah you’re no fun.” She pouted, but he kissed her lower lip, sucking it in slightly.
“But I’m a damn good kisser.” He told her, picking her up.
“That you are. Hmmm…one more please.” She pulled him in closer, and kissed him deeply.
“Mmmm….I definitely need to find a way to spend more time with you.” Davis smiled, as he put her down next to the car. He opened the door for her, and then got in on his side.
“Yes you do. What are you doing this evening?” Maryjo asked, looking up at him, her hand stretching across to his.
“Out. I sorta patrol some nights. This is one of my nights. I like trying to keep the city safe, even from petty thieves.” Davis explained, taking her hand in his. “But perhaps tomorrow night you will let me take you out for a real date. Then maybe we can see how far this goes.”
Maryjo smiled. “That would be nice, and gentlemanly of you.” She reached up and kissed him. “So explain this patrolling you do, while you take me home.”
Davis started the Monster up. “Not much to explain. I basically wear this black biker outfit with a biker helmet, call myself VENGEANCE, and I stroll around Columbia, watching people, looking for muggings and carjackings. Hell, I’ve even stopped a couple of robberies. That was a fun night. I got shot like 4 times.”
“Seriously, were you okay?” She looked at him rather worriedly.
“This might freak you out.” Davis told her, as he took his hands off the wheel at a stop light. He held his left arm upright, and then unleashed the claws in his right hand, causing a gasp in Maryjo. He then stabbed himself, grimacing a bit.
“CHRIST FUCK! WHAT THE HELL?!?!” She screamed, as Davis’s claws retracted back in his hand. She then watched in shock as the three holes in his arm healed perfectly.
“I regenerate incredibly fast. Actually, most Gens regenerate faster than normal humans, I just heal MUCH faster. So getting shot was kind fun.” Davis laughed. He touched her hand. “Sweetie, it’ll be fine. I’m fine.”
“That’s fucking disgusting though. You have claws in your hands?” She wretched a bit, pulling her hand back.
“An ability that no one knows how I got. But yes, I do. And I hate to use them. They’re basically last resort weapons for me.” Davis told her, pulling his hands back. “I didn’t mean to scare you…again.”
“It’s okay. It’s all just hard to take in sometimes.” She looked out the window. “Why would there even be need for super powers in the world?”
“I wish I knew myself.” Davis replied.
“What if you really had to fight a war or something like that? What if you were just born for that one purpose?”
“I don’t want it to be, nor do I want to be in a war. I hate fighting, but I end up doing it anyways. I must protect my friends, my school, my loved ones, everything I hold precious in this life.” Davis clutched his fist tight. “All I want is a normal damn life, screw having powers. I mean, they’re cool, but they don’t make me happy.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Why? Things happen for a reason. I’ve always believed in that.” Davis turned a corner, and headed down a street. “Not far right?”
“Huh? How did you know?”
“Kevin’s power is telepathy, and over our year as friends, we’ve all developed bits of it. I can see pictures in people’s heads if I look for specific things, so I looked for your house, and put together how you would get there based on what you knew in terms of what you saw. If that makes any sense.”
“Empathy, sorta, yeah. What else did you see in there?” She smiled.
“Nothing I care to repeat, but…um…nice!” Davis smiled, picking up a couple of choice images that she was thinking about. “But we’ve seriously have got to do this right.”
She cooed. “I know, but I want to some wrong things.” She slid her hand across his waist. He nervously looked at her and smiled.
They pulled in front of her house, and he parked the car. “Would you like for me to pick you up in the morning?”
“Nah, Dad likes to take me. I see that they’re not home, so you’ll just have to come back later.” She told him, as she got out. She came around to his window. “One more kiss, baka.” She whispered, leaning in. She kissed him passionately, sighing a bit, before pulling back. She waved him off, as he pulled away.
Davis smiled to himself, as he saw her waving to him.

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