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Hunters: Rivalry (Original Edit)

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Apr. 14th, 2008 | 12:39 am

The eighth story in the series, first introduction of Chad Mirai, the 4th Hunter. I was very excited about this story and I still am. But I will be doing a lot of character introduction before major plot lines. So Chad will be known before this. Also, this had to have been my favorite fight scene, just for the fact that Kevin is so nonchalantly ordering food, and that the cashier is not even worried about the powers being used infront of her. I never really thought to explain that out. Probably just Hype changing her memories (which is a constant thing with him).

The two Hunters walked into the large overly lit room. Several benches and two potted plants were the only things greeting them. They smiled snuggly, their black trenches flowing in the wind behind them. They lowered their shades and walked forth, stalking someone, anyone. They were the Hunters, and no one messes with the Hunters. And they were in the best place for true heroes to be in....
“The mall....” Ace said, looking around, as he took off his shades. “What better place can you go to get a good book to read, a new game to play, and some great food to eat.”
Kevin looked at his friend. “You are a strange little man.”
“Oh c’mon. We’ve been fighting a lot of people lately, and for a week now, no one’s messed with us. Let’s just rest okay?” Ace told his friend. They walked into the food court and started toward Waldenbooks. They were just laughing away when Kevin suddenly stopped.
“Ace...either those incredibly hot girls back there next to Chik-Fil-A are thinking about us, or we’re about to get into a serious fight.” Kevin warned his friend.
Ace kicked the ground. “Ah fuck, why do they have to mess with us now!” He moaned, as he turned around. Kevin did the same thing and both their jaws dropped.
Coming toward them from the movie theaters was a tall black haired kid. He had on a black leather coat, a purple muscle shirt, and a dark blue pair of jeans. His hair was short and wavered as he stepped, and he had on a small goatee. He smiled a menacing grin at the two Hunters.
“He’s the one...” the kid said, as he moved toward them. He slowly pulled out a large sword from behind his back. He then started to run towards them.
Ace and Kevin got into fighting positions. Ace extended his claws, while Kevin whipped out his staff and extended it. “All right you piece of Company scum, let’s play!!” Ace yelled, awaiting the kid to get to them.
The kid jumped in the air, and Ace ran to a table and kicked it at the kid. The kid easily sliced through the table and landed next to Ace. He put his sword away and then tried to grab Ace with a choke hold. Ace grabbed him by his muscle shirt and tossed him into a wall nearby.
The kid quickly got up and then looked at Ace. Then he looked at Kevin and raised a finger to him. “I have no grief with you....yet. I’m here to take out Ace, and I’ll deal with just him. If you interfere, it’s your ass. I’m being fair, and that’s something I like to be. You interfering is not gonna be fair, got it Kevin?”
Kevin was a bit surprised, as he retracted his staff. He put it up and looked at the kid. “Okay...so what, you want me to wait?”
“Yes, wait over there. And when I’m done with him, we’ll go at it, okay?” The kid told Kevin, as he flicked his hair back. He then turned to Ace. “And now, let us begin our fight.”
And with that, the kid jumped in the air. Ace ran underneath him, and ducked, as the kid pulled the sword out and sliced at him. He landed, and Ace was there to kick him with a forward kick that sent him reeling back a few feet. “What’s up with you?”
“Nothing. I’m doing a job, and that’s how I do jobs, okay. Oh, and just to be fair, you can call me Chad, since I know both of your names.” Chad introduced himself, as he ran toward Ace, sword extended. He swung his blade, each swipe being dodged just barely by Ace. One did catch his arm, and it sliced into his trench coat, and his arm.
“Fuck!” Ace yelled, as he backhanded Chad. He swirled around and threw his trench coat off. Ace then speared Chad to the floor and started wailing on him with his fists. Chad easily blocked and then put his fingers together on Ace’s chest.
“HAI!!” Chad yelled, as he blasted Ace with an energy beam. Ace went flying and he hit the ceiling, before crashing to the floor.
Kevin was watching over at Chik-Fil-A. “Um...yeah I want a number 3 combo, with a Dr. Pepper. Hold on a sec...HEY ACE YOU WANT ANYTHING!?!” Kevin yelled to his comrade. He watched as Ace got blasted to the ceiling. “Oh now that’s gotta fucking hurt.”
“Um...You’re friend looks a little hurt out there...” The cashier commented. Kevin turned to the cashier, who seem to be looking in amazement at the ongoing fight.
Kevin shrugged. "Oh don't worry about it. Shit that like that happens to him all the time."

Ace tried to get up, but Chad was pushing his foot into his back. There’s got to be some way to fucking beat this guy. It’s like he’s got my fucking powers or can like sense what I’m about to do. And he’s got a damn energy blast...fuck. Ace thought to himself. He could feel a sharp pain just below his neck.
“Okay Hunter, times up, I win, you lost. Now should I behead you or just stab you through the heart?” Chad ask Ace, as he moved his sword around to poke at the body parts he was going to chop or slice into.
Suddenly Chad was knocked forward, as Kevin whacked him in the head with his staff. “Screw your lame ass rules!” Kevin yelled, as he twirled his staff around. He swung at Chad’s legs and swept him off his feet. He then helped Ace get up. “So, you want a number 3 or a number 4 combo?”
“A number 4.” Ace yelled, as he clenched his fists. Kevin walked back to Chik-Fil-A, as Ace continued his fight versus Chad. Chad flipped up and kicked at Ace. Ace caught his foot, and then performed a Russian leg-sweep, sending Chad to the concrete again. Ace then dropped an elbow down on Chad’s nuts. “How do you like ‘dem apples!”

“Lame!” Kevin yelled at Ace from Chik-Fil-A, commenting on Ace’s lines. Ace flipped him the bird, and then returned to fighting Chad.
“What’s up with your friend...he’s...weird...” The cashier whispered to Kevin. Kevin started to chuckle just a bit.
"My friend... he's just... p'shaw..." Kevin replied, turning to the cashier. “You’re right...he’s weird...that’s why every time he fucks up I just look at him and wonder ‘Why the hell are you my friend again’ then I realize I keep him around for comic relief.”
“Yeah I’d say. You want barbecue sauce with the nuggets?”

“Your friend didn’t need to interfere. I had you perfectly beat.” Chad growled, as he got up. He reached for his sword, which he let go after Kevin whacked him in the head. As Chad bent down, Ace kicked him down and past his sword. Ace walked over and stomped his foot down on the sword.
“That’s what friends do Chad. Maybe they forgot to tell you that when the Company trained you. I mean, why are you fighting us?” Ace asked Chad, as he picked his sword up. He walked away and sat down in a chair, and put the sword on top the table next to him.
Chad got up and looked really pissed off. “I’m being paid a lot, so that my parents, who are sick in the hospital, can pay for their medical bills. If I don’t kill you two, then the Company’s not gonna pay me. I mean I can’t help being blessed with the classes they gave me, but they wanted me to kill you two.” Chad explained, as he came and sat next to Ace. He tried to take his sword, but Ace held it down.
“Not so fast. So you’re in the same boat that Delila was in. Hmmm...damn. But were your parents sick before you got hired?” Ace asked, as Kevin came to the table.
“Okay, here’s yours Ace, and I went ahead and got you a number 3 combo Chad. No sense in fighting on an empty stomach.” Kevin told the guys, as he sat down with the food.
“Thanks. No Ace, they weren’t sick before I was hired. They got sick a bit after I got hired. Hmmmm....” Chad explained, looking at Ace, who had an ‘I told you so’ expression on his face.
“It’s fair to say that the Company is using your parents to get to you. Same thing happened to Deception. Do you know what happened to Deception?” Ace asked, looking at Chad.
Chad threw Ace a puzzled look. Then he looked at Kevin. “Didn’t you guys like erase her mind or something like that?” Ace busted out laughing, while Kevin threw Chad a mean look.
“Not exactly. She’s still there, just her mental connection to her body is missing, compliments of me. Let’s just say I snipped her connection using something the Company forgot they gave us. And apparently they forgot to give you all the details of the battle. Oh well.” Kevin informed Chad, as he ate some of his Chik-Fil-A sandwich.
“Yeah, she had me under her control and Kevin just blasted her. But her parents were being blackmailed and that’s why she was working for them.” Ace explained to Chad. Then he leaned closer to him. “But see she had a chance to go and redeem herself, but she decided that she wanted to attack us and we did what he did to her. But we’re willing to give you a chance Chad. Do you want to have that chance, a chance to go back to the Company and rescue your folks and then teach them a lesson in how to deal with their own powerful creation?”
Chad’s eyes widened just a bit. “So I’m being used?”
“Well to put it simply, yes.” Kevin answered Chad, patting him on the back.
Chad got mad and slammed his fist down on the table. He slightly got a blue hue to him, but then it faded away quickly. Ace and Kevin exchanged glances after noticing it, but they continued to watch Chad. “AGRRRRRRRRRR!!! This makes me so pissed off. Look, I know that I attacked you guys, but can I ask a favor of you?”
Ace looked at with a surprised look on his face. “I guess so, what is it?”
Chad looked at Ace. “I need you to go and rescue my parents, just go and get them and take them somewhere safe that you know of. I’m going to go and deal with the Company.”
Kevin got a bit concerned. “Um...all by yourself?”
“Well I could probably take out the office they have down here, it’s not that big. I think I need a large army of some sort to take on the entire Company and its minions. I’ll be fine. I’m more worried about my parents than myself.” Chad explained, as he grabbed his sword back from Ace. Ace didn’t even resist it.
“Well just tell us where your parents are at, and we’ll go get them. They can stay at my parents’ place and my folks will take care of them.” Ace told Chad.
Chad threw him a mean look. “Um...your parents work for the company.”
“No my parents work for themselves. The Company just employs them. I know that sounds wrong, but they actually know about the Company and them using people. They also know about us and they know what we do. They’ll help us, okay. Just go and do what you do, and meet us at school tomorrow, since I’ve seen you around BC.” Ace told Chad, to which Chad threw a surprised look at him.
“Hmmm...okay fine, I’ll meet you guys by the stairs just after lunch okay. If I’m not there, then come after me, okay?” Chad asked the two Hunters, as he stood up. He slid his sword back into its case, and he looked at both of them. “Maybe I might join you guys...maybe.”
“I don’t know about that Chad. But we’ll see...” Ace replied, getting up. “So where do we need to go?”
“Richland Memorial Hospital, room 202. Just do what you have to get them out of there.” Chad told the Hunters. “Just don’t kill them, okay.”
“We won’t kill your parents. We only kill people if we have to, and most of the time they’re evil people. You’re parents aren’t evil people. You’re not even evil, well we hope you’re not. All right Chad, we’ve got our mission, so do you. Good luck.” Ace explained to Chad, as he patted him on the back. “Good luck.”
“Same to you. Kevin, thanks for lunch.” Chad thanked Kevin, as he bowed toward him.
Kevin bowed back, with a simple expression on his face. “You’re welcome.”
“And one more thing, if and when I fight Ace next, please, don’t interfere. We’ll have our day okay?” Chad asked Kevin, as he started walking away. He waved one more time at the Hunters, and then sprinted out of the mall.
“That was pretty fucked up right there Ace.” Kevin commented, picking up the tray he carried the food to the table on. He and Ace walked over and threw away the trash, as they both looked at each other.
“What do you make of all this K? I mean this kid comes and attacks us, then asks us to help him out? And what about that last comment? Do you think he’s gonna attack us again, on his own accord?” Ace asked his partner.
“I think that kids got a few screws loose. From what I could scan out of his mind, he’s been watching us for a while. Apparently, he was hired just after Stife got vegetablized by me. But he was just hired to study us, as they would increase his powers by the more information they gave to him. He saw the fight versus Deception, but he didn’t understand what went on there. And he’s known about us going to BC. He just didn’t want to give his true intention. The thing with his parents is true. They are at the hospital and it is the reason why he fights. And he does want to be like us. He wants to be free, but I don’t think he wants to be a Hunter, atleast not yet. He wants to test our strengths first. He wants to make sure we’re worthy of his power.” Kevin explained to Ace, who seemed pretty impressed.
“Nice work Sherlock.” Ace congratulated his friend. “Anything else?”
“Well he does have an obsession with you. He really wants to fight you and test your strength, since apparently he’s got the Leader genes in him just like you, but it’s a weaker version, mixed with the Swordmaster and Small Artillery Unit genes. He just wants to be able to fight you.” Kevin added.
Ace was impressed. “Okay. Let’s deal with that later. For now, we need to go and help him out. If he wants to test us, fine. But I want to establish some sort of niceness with him, so that when the time comes to ask him to join us, then maybe he will.”
“I understand. Well then, let’s kick this shit doggy-style!” Kevin yelled, as he and Ace ran out of the mall. They got in the Monster and drove off.

Chad walked across the Company’s local office parking lot located outside of town. The gates had been locked, but he just flew over them. He came across the large gray building and its large bronze door. Chad whipped out his sword, sliced, and slipped it back in the sheath, as the door fell forward. He stepped on him, and dodged several bullets from the armed guards standing in wait for him.
“HAI!!!” Chad yelled, as he blasted both men with energy blasts. He continued on, a sadistic look in his eyes.
A large tall man stepped out from behind a door. He wore a typical blue business suit, as he was the man in charge of the building. He walked up to Chad. “What is the meaning of this?”
“I’m turning in my resignation papers.” Chad growled, as he pulled his sword out. In one quick motion, he sliced the man in three pieces, blocked several bullets, swung behind himself, and put his sword back in its sheath. The businessman fell over, as did a guard who was a few steps behind Chad. He continued on.
He entered a restricted area of the building, which was a large laboratory where they were working on new cybernetics and genetic enhancing drugs. There were several scientists working. They didn’t bother to look up. Chad walked on past them and walked up to a large computer. He pulled out his sword and then turned to the scientists. “If you value your lives, run from this pathetic place now.”
Several scientists looked up and saw Chad’s sword and the dead man’s expression on his face. They all started to run. Chad continued on. He ran his sword in the large computer and then sliced through it quickly. He then bolted out of the room, as the computer started to exploded. Some of the chemicals in the room caught fire and exploded, causing the room to fill with fire. Chad continued on.
He walked out of the building and head toward another building. Inside the building were the guards for the entire complex. A large group of them were waiting outside, and a tall man with a large rifle-like gun stood infront of them. He looked like he was some-what out of it, and a small metallic object on his forehead made him look even more dead. He cocked his gun, as Chad walked toward him.
“Halt Chad Mikels. Why are you attacking the Company, your beloved Company?” The man yelled out to Chad. Chad grimaced and started pulling out his sword.
“Stife, I have no fucking clue how the hell they got you to talk again, and I’m sure Kevin would like to know, but this is no time for 20 questions. It’s just time to die, again.” Chad replied, as his sword started to come more and more out of its sheath.
“Big words coming from someone who has about 35 automatic guns aimed at him, not to mention this nice little gun right here.” Stife yelled, as he and the other men slowly lowered their guns at Chad.
Chad brushed his hair back. Then he stopped and started yelling at the top of his lungs in anger. Slowly a blue hue came to him and it began to get brighter and brighter. Stife looked at him and started to move back just a bit, as did several other men.
“R-A-Z-O-R-S E-D-G-E!!!” Chad shouted, as he pushed all of his Finisher energy into his body. With a quickness, his sword came out and he held it out in front of him. He then ran diagonally across the parking lot, before running through the crowd of men waiting for him. They never saw him, as he was moving faster than humanly possible. All the saw before their demise was him standing back in his original position, slipping his sword back into his sheath. Each and every guard, except Stife, fell down dead, sliced in half.
Stife stared in amazement. He twitched a bit, as he started to laugh. “That’s very funny. I’ve never seen a Finisher like that one. But how about this one?” Stife yelled, as he started to get a blue hue. He then raised his arm and aimed at Chad. Chad just smiled, still with a blue hue to him.
“I-N-F-E-R-N-O.... “ But he never got it finished, as Chad, using the last of his Finisher, sliced into Stife, his sword just whipping back and forth in the air, the blade cutting up and down, and Stife’s body just floating in air in pieces.
“S-M-A-S-H!!!” Chad yelled, finishing Stife’s line. He put his sword away, and swung his arms around before putting his two hands together, his fingers and thumbs making a diamond shape. He then blasted Stife’s body into nothingness. And then Chad continued on.
He walked up to the building where the guards were at, and he ran threw it, slicing anything that moved. Then he came out the other end, and stopped. He turned around and looked for the heating unit to the building. He found it, and then he blasted it. The building erupted in a bright flash of fire and heat, and the walls just blew out, and the ceiling fell down, crushing all below it that Chad hadn’t killed. He continued on.
He marched into the garage where the Company kept all their vehicles for their men down here. It was also the place where they kept all of their agents, robotic servants used in capture missions. Chad had already dealt with them before and he didn’t care for them. He marched in, and sliced in half all the guards that ran up to oppose him. He didn’t care. He continued on.
Several agents came up to him. Chad swung his sword at them, and they blocked the blade. Chad increased his strength and then pushed the blade on through their arms. He then ran the sword through one and then through another one. He looked up and then put his hands together on the first agent’s chest.
“HAI!!!” He shouted, as he blasted both agents with one energy blast. He pulled his sword out of the smoking rubble that used to be an agent. He continued on.
He walked up the munitions dump inside the building and he started to pick up boxes of explosives. He tossed them to various locations within the building, before leaving the room. He walked outside the garage and then aimed his hands at the building. He blasted the building, and the blast ignited all of the explosives. The building shattered to nothingness, as the walls and ceiling just gave way to the force of explosive from within. Chad continued on, while the entire complex started to go up in flames.
He flew up and started to levitate just a bit in the air. He pulled out his sword and slowly carved a message into the airstrip. “To those who are in charge, you can suck my hairy nutsack, here’s my fucking resignation papers. BTW, I hope you like going after another Gen4 because I’m now fucking out. And trust me, I think I can handle anything you throw at me. Have a nice fucking day.” Chad etched into the ground. He then drew a round circle, put two eyes and a smile in it, and then added a tongue and two devil horns. He smiled at his accomplishment, and then flew away.

Ace sat on the stairs just after the start of lunch. He was quietly eating a piece of pizza, while wishing his friends were with him. But Chad had wanted to meet him there, alone. He started to reflect back at what Chad had said. “It’s a job....I’m doing this for my family....it’s a job I must do...” Man I wish I could tell him what my parents had told me, but its not the same. I’m doing this because my family wanted me to be the one to free all of us from the Company. Maybe I should ask him to join us. He’d make a great ally, I mean he’s fast, he’s got an energy blast, and he’s great at combat. Plus with all of his Company training and knowledge, he could help us better understand our enemy. Maybe... Ace’s thoughts were interrupted, as a sparkling whizzed past him. He ducked and then jumped up.
“Sorry to interrupt your thoughts there, Ace, but I think it’s time to pick up where our battle stopped yesterday.” Chad yelled at Ace, as he swung his sword again at Ace. Ace jumped back to dodge, as he threw his pizza box down.
“Dude, we helped you, and now all you want to do is fight me?” Ace asked, dodging Chad’s swings. Chad thrusted a few times at Ace, but Ace easily side-stepped them.
“I know you helped me, and I’m thankful for that. But I’m only fighting you so that I can test whether or not your worthy enough to have my services. Besides, Kevin’s gonna referee the match. I asked him just before I got here.” Chad explained to Ace, as he stopped fighting. He put his sword away, as Kevin slowly entered behind him.
“Yeah Ace, sorry to keep it such a secret from you. But I thought it would be nice to see your reaction to getting stabbed at a few times.” Kevin joked, patting Ace on the shoulder.
“Ha, funny.” Ace smirked at Kevin, picking up his pizza box. He took a bite out his last slice of pizza and then looked at Chad. “Okay so what are the rules to this, since you wanted a referee?”
Chad sat on the railing to the stairs. “First, we won’t use our weapons, since I know it wouldn’t be fair to fight you with the sword and you use those claws of yours. Second, we fight till the end of lunch. The loser would be the one with the most wounds, and since both of us can heal ourselves, no healing during battle. You get hurt, take it like a man and keep fighting. And also you can’t use a Finisher, since I figured you know how to summon them on your own. Deal?” Chad explained to Ace, as he handed his sword and sheath to Kevin. Kevin wavered to Ace to hand over his claws, and he smiled as Ace threw him a ‘Fuck you’ look.
“Fine. So it’s just fighting right? No energy blasts or nothing right?” Ace asked, remembering the energy blast that sent him flying to the ceiling yesterday.
“Well I didn’t say that. We use what we have. Got it?” Chad answered Ace’s question.
“Fine. But just don’t kill me with it, okay?” Ace asked, looking at Kevin. “Remember, we can’t heal ourselves.”
“Deal. Now let’s begin!” And with that Chad speared Ace into the wall. Ace hammered at Chad’s back, as he resisted the spear. He then picked Chad up and power bombed him into the floor. Chad rolled out of it and flipped back up. “Nice one!!”
“Yeah, I know!” Ace yelled, as he rushed at Chad. He threw a few high punches, switched to low, and then decked Chad with a hook to the side of the face. Chad tried to block, but Ace had an overwhelming fierceness to him.
“Oh that’s so wrong Ace! Oh not in the face...ah jeez...damn man!” Kevin commented, as he watched the fight. He looked around at the kids that started to gather around. He aimed his hand at them and waved his arm. “Nothing to see here, just a bunch of whacked-out crazy kids. Go do some homework or some shit.” He commanded them mentally. His eyes returned to the fight, just in time to see Chad kick Ace in the nuts. “Oh, now that’s got to fucking hurt.”
Ace reeled back, and then looked at Chad. He had a fire in his eyes that he had never had before. This kid is just too much. I’ve barely begun to hurt him, and already I’m in pain. What gives? K said he had a weaker version of the Leader genes in me, and given that my parents gave me a bit more with mine, I should have the advantage here...maybe its in the rest of the genes he’s got in him...maybe. Ace thought to himself. His thoughts got interrupted, as Chad kicked him in the stomach, before dropping him to the floor with a ¾ turning neckbreaker. Ace landed and slowly got back up.
{Don’t think too hard Ace. He’s got more combat training than you. Maybe it is time we switch this fight to our fight?} Kevin sent his friend. Ace looked at him, and wondered what he was up to.
{No, don’t interfere. Throw him his sword, it’s time we really play!} Ace sent back to Kevin. He then flipped up and looked at Chad. “Okay no more playing around little one. Time to play with the big boys.” Ace told Chad, as Kevin threw Chad his sword. “Let’s do this like we did at the mall. Finishers and all included.”
Chad threw on his sword sheath and then looked at Ace, and lowered his eyes at him. “Suit yourself, it’ll be your funeral.” And with that, Chad pulled his sword out. He rushed at Ace, as his body started to get a blue hue to it.
“Oh shit!” Ace yelled, as he ran at Chad. His claws extended forth, and he swung with all his might. Chad blocked and swung with equal fierceness. Ace looked at Chad, and knew this was going to be one of the most intense battles he had every had. He kicked Chad and then pushed him down the stairs.
Chad rolled down the stairs and then flipped up, before floating in mid-air. “Oh, I forgot. I can fly.” And then Chad dashed at Ace. Ace dropped and rolled to the floor. He climbed down the stairs, as Chad chased him. Chad swung his sword, and Ace caught it with his claws. He pushed back and then jumped down, swinging under the railing. He caught Chad by the ankles and dropped him to the floor as he swung back. Ace then flipped over the railing and landed on top of Chad, driving his knees into his back.
“Oh I forgot I can kick your ass!” Ace yelled at Chad, as he drove his elbow into his neck. Chad pushed Ace off and then got back up. He picked up his sword, and swung it at Ace. Ace rolled down the stairs to dodge. He landed at the bottom, and flipped back up. He was starting to get a blue hue, as his anger began to rise. He jumped on top the railing and started to running up toward Chad.
“I don’t think so!” Chad growled, as he flew and swung at Ace. Ace blocked and pushed back with his claws, before spearing Chad against the stairs. Ace drove his claws through his shoulders and laughed at him.
“Don’t fucking fly around me!” Ace yelled, as he retracted his claws. “I win.”
“No, I win!” Chad yelled, as he started glowing a bright blue. And then Chad put his hands together on Ace’s chest, and pushed all the energy he had into his energy blast. “F-I-N-A-L B-L-A-S-T!!!”
“AH FUCK THAT!!! R-A-Z-O-R S-T-R-I-K-E!!!” Ace yelled at the same time, pushing all of his energy into his finisher.
An incredible explosion rocked the school, as smoke, fire, and rubble protruded from the stairwell. Ace and Chad had sunk deep into the stairwell, and most of the wall next to them had fallen. Ace’s clothes were smoldering, and most of Chad’s were ripped. Both looked very injured, as Kevin pulled both of them out. “That was fucking stupid, real stupid.” Kevin scolded them, as he put them on his shoulders. Then dashed into the adjoining hallway and headed toward the car.

Ace slowly woke up in his bed. He looked really surprised, as he looked around the room. Chad was laying on the floor next to him, with Kevin sitting at his computer. Kevin turned to look at him. “That was real fucking bright of you two to be doing that at school. Now the police are looking for several boys who they think were involved a bombing of the school, with the descriptions fitting us. You know how hard it is to track down every single person who was involved in that and erasing their minds. You owe me Ace.” Kevin scolded his friend.
“Sorry. Did anyone get hurt?” Ace asked, as he got up. He looked over at Chad and saw that he was wearing just boxers. Ace looked down and saw that he too was in boxers. “Um...K, why are we in boxers?”
“You both were wearing very burnt clothes and shredded under the pressure of me running you both here. I just took off both your clothes and just laid you both down. Apparently you both wear indestructible boxers or this is a very PG-13 series.” K said, not evening looking back at Ace. He typed some more on the computer, and then turned around. “And no one did get hurt, if you don’t count me or you guys.”
“That’s good. Well let’s wake him and ask him why he attacked me.” Ace told Kevin, as he started putting on a pair of black jeans. He then reached into his closet and pulled out a black shirt with white lettering that read ‘Fear is my job’ and he slipped it on. He then combed his hair and looked at Chad laying on the ground.
Chad stirred a bit and then flipped up, his hands extended in a fighting position. “What the fuck is going on here?” He yelled, noticing the change in clothes. “And whose lousy taste of boxers do I have on?”
Ace sighed a bit and looked at Chad. “They’re mine, K put them on you. Basically our two Finishers, if that’s what you were doing, took out the stairs and blasted our clothes into itty-bitty pieces. K brought us back to my house. And now you stand before us.”
Chad looked at Kevin. “Wow, you really brought us here? Damn.”
“Yes I did. But now we want answers.” Kevin gruffly said, looking at Chad. “Why do you want to test us? We already beat you once.”
“No Ace did not beat me. You interfered. And as far as the other fight’s concerned, we tied, since neither of us really survived it, as to speak. I’m testing you because I want to see what I’m joining, if that’s some option you’ll give me.” Chad explained. He looked over at Ace. “And since you and I wear the same sizes, could I borrow some of your clothes, since mine are burnt and crispy at the moment?”
Ace showed him his closet. “Sure, go ahead. But keep talking to us.”
“Look, I’m a little paranoid thanks to the Company. I’d much rather do things this way than just join you. You did good getting my parents back. By the way, may I go and see them?” Chad asked. He slipped on a pair of Ace’s black jeans. He grabbed a belt and slipped it on. Then he flipped through the shirts and found a nice blue one that had the Tick on it. He put it on and then looked in the mirror. “I like.”
Ace looked at Chad. “Sure, they’re right down the hall from here. Just go to the last room in the hall. They’re probably a sleep right now. Dad’s got them on some anti-biotic that’ll take care of whatever the Company put in them.”
“Thanks, and thank your parents for me okay. I’ll do it later, after I see that my parents are alive.” Chad told Ace. He marched out of the room and headed down the hall.
“Well that turned out nicely.” Kevin commented, looking at Ace. Ace just threw him a look and laid back down in the bed.
The next day, Chad asked Kevin to meet him during lunch. He wanted to get his bout versus Kevin over with. Kevin, while not all thrilled with the idea, went ahead and agreed to it. Both men arrived out in the open area between the main building and the vocational wing of BC.
“We don’t really have to do this. You can just assess us some other way you know.” Kevin told Chad, as he stood watching his adversary.
“I like to fight, Kevin. It’s what I was trained to do, and what we were born to do. It’s just the only way to do things. Why are you so afraid of fighting?” Chad asked Kevin, staring him down with very cold eyes.
“I’m afraid of really letting myself get into it, like I’m afraid of letting out all the rage I have built up inside. I’m just afraid I might kill someone, like I did Stife.” Kevin admitted, looking down at the ground.
Chad approached him. “I’ll let you in on a secret. They rebuilt Stife’s mind with cybernetics, so technically you didn’t kill him. I did however end his sorry pathetic life.” Chad admitted to Kevin, as he leaned closer toward him. “But if you kill someone they probably deserve it. You should realize that getting hurt and getting killed are just part of the game we’re involved in. The point of it for you is to survive and to win. Who cares if you kill or not? Do what you feel is right, but don’t let it become your downfall. Opponents will know when you’re not willing to hurt them. Hurt them Kevin, hurt them badly. Learn to control your powers so that you can win. Besides, do you really think that Ace is gonna be there for you all the time? You have to learn how to fight by yourself.” Chad patted Kevin on the back of the head.
“But what if I kill you?” Kevin asked, looking at Chad.
“You’re also going to have know the difference between sparring and real fighting. We’re just going to be sparring. Go full out on me like you would on a battlefield, but if it comes to delivering a death-blow, don’t. C’mon, let’s stop talking and get this over with.” Chad replied to Kevin, as he walked back to his spot.
“Fine. I’ll let it all out, everything I got, so don’t get mad at me if I beat your ass.” Kevin yelled.
“Oh like you could really lay a hand on me. Another thing, since we’re trash talking. Have fun when you fight. Mock your enemy, hit him weakly and try to make it seem funny. It’ll distract him, and then you’ll just whup ass on him.” Chad explained to Kevin, as he got in a horse stance position. He started moving his arms around in a kata, and started getting a bluish hue to him.
Kevin noticed this and looked at Chad. “Dude, you’ve already got a Finisher?”
Chad stopped doing what he was doing and then looked at Kevin. “What? Can’t you power yourself up? Oh wait, that’s just me and Ace.” Chad scratched his goatee. “I’ve learned to tap into my inner rage to gain more power. The Finisher energy is a bonus to that, because they are some how related, meaning the more anger you the more powerful your Finisher will be and the faster it comes. Now I don’t know how it works for you, but I do know that me and Ace, given if he ever got pissed enough, could just keep doing Finishers like it wasn’t nothing. But maybe you should start doing what I do, just channel all the inner rage you have and try to focus it into energy. You may discover how to increase your powers and your fighting potential. Now enough talk, let’s dance.”
“Deal.” Kevin yelled back, as he got into his fighting position. Chad did not see him pull out the thin long rod, and Kevin held it back behind him, his other arm infront of him. He watched as Chad powered-up again, the blue hue wavering around him. Then with a sigh, the energy went away, and Chad pulled out his sword, ready to attack. Now it was time to fight.

“Any words you want me to carve on your tombstone?” Chad asked, the point of his blade aimed at Kevin’s head.
“Just a few. I’m gonna take that nice little sword of yours....shine it up real nice, TURN THAT SOMBITCH SIDEWAYS AND STICK IT STRAIGHT-UP YOUR CANDYASS!!!” Kevin imitated WWF’s the Rock. Chad raised an eyebrow at Kevin, as he continued speaking. “And you know what Jabroni, The K says he’s gonna whup your ass in front of all the Peoples, in the People’s Eating Ground, by the People’s Tree, and then Jabroni, he’s gonna beat you like a red-headed stepchild with his...” Kevin stopped for a minute, trying to come up with a name for his stick. “...with his SITH Stick!”
Chad about busted out laughing, but regained his composer. He looked at Kevin with a raised eyebrow. “SITH Stick?”
“SITH Stick, as in Semi-Indestructible Two Handed Stick, as in I’m gonna beat your roody-poo monkey crap of a body with my SITH Stick!” Kevin yelled, glaring at Chad. He winced a menacing grin.
“Whatever. It’s not like it matter—
“—IT DOES MATTER WHAT THE K SAYS JABRONI!!! KNOW YOUR ASS AND SHUT YOUR TRAP!!” Kevin yelled, interrupting Chad. Tired of standing around, Kevin swung his arm from behind him, the SITH Stick extending into its full 7-foot length. Chad was a bit surprised, as Kevin smacked him several times with the staff. K whirled it around and knocked Chad’s sword from his hands.
The sword fell to the earth and stabbed itself into the ground. Chad fought K with his hands, trying to block K’s attacks with his staff. “Damn it!” Chad yelled, as Kevin dropped to the ground and took out Chad’s knee, dropping him to the ground.
“And now the K’s going to drop the People’s Elbow upon your sorry hide!” Kevin laughed, driving an elbow into Chad’ back. He then grabbed Chad and tossed him into a nearby fence.
“I think I shouldn’t have told you to go all out, you’re actually whooping my ass.” Chad admitted, spitting some blood at the ground.
“The K doesn’t take kindly to being told he’s going all out on you, when he’s just fighting lightly.” Kevin joked, retracting his staff. He held out his hand and offered it to Chad.
“Thanks....JABRONI!!” Chad laughed, as he grabbed Kevin’s arm. He then repeatedly kicked Kevin in the stomach, before dropping him with an elbow dash to the neck. Kevin bent over toward the ground, coughing heavily. “Well...seems like Stone Cold Chad just whooped your ass...hmmm...I guess that would make that line Chad 3:16 right?”
Kevin punched the ground as he knew he was being cocky. So he wants me to go all out and just fight him. Fine...time to try out on of those nice moves Ace had me come up with. Too bad I can’t use it versus Ace, yet. Kevin thought to himself, as he stood back up. “Ah...Chad 3;16....yeah, that’s....nice. But the K says this....K 3:16, I just Pain Striked your ass!” And with that, Kevin touched Chad’s neck with two fingers and sent a telepathic pain message to his brain.
Chad wailed in pain, but not before receiving a swift number of kicks to the groin from Kevin. He doubled over and dropped to the ground. “Damn it!” Chad yelled again, punching the ground with all of his strength. The dirt flew up just a bit, and his punch left a large sized crater.
“Oooh...touchy.” Ace yelled from a far. He and Kat came walking up and looked at Kevin. {By the way, YOUR LINES SUCK!!!}
{THIS COMING FROM THE MAN WHO YELLS OUT ‘LET’S PLAY’ EVERY SINGLE TIME WE GO INTO BATTLE...BY THE FUCKING WAY---DON’T FUCKING SHOUT!!!} Kevin sent to Ace, just as Ace sent him a telepathic message. “Um...this is my fight Ace.”
“I know...I just want to make sure he wasn’t about to do something really mean to you, like that Final Strike thing he did to me yesterday.” Ace told Kevin, as he walked over to Chad. “You all right man?”
Chad spat on the ground and then looked back up at Kevin and Ace. “I underestimated your friend here.”
“I’d say so. I’ve never seen Kevin fight like that before.” Kat commented, looking at Kevin. Kevin bowed and then went and stood next to her.
“I don’t think you really understand what he can do Chad. He’s not me. He can ‘read’ you much better than most people. Remember that...” Ace told Chad, trying not to reveal much around Kat. While as he wanted to, Ace knew Kat was not ready to be told about the Hunters and what was really going on.
“I know...oh well....” Chad sadly admitted. He got up and grabbed his sword, and looked at Kevin. “You beat me fair and square.”
“Well...” Kevin said, looking at Chad. “It wasn’t really fair of me. I mean you told me to go all out. That means you using everything I had, and that’s what I did. Next time I’ll try not to do all that.”
“Deal.” Chad replied to Kevin. He then turned his gaze of Kat. “Well I may not have had the pleasure of knowing you my fair lady, I don’t think what me and Ace have to say should be heard by such lovely ears. We shall go off and talk, while you take care of your hero, okay.” Chad told Kat, kissing her hand. Kat blushed and looked at Ace and Kevin. Kevin got a tinge of jealousy to his face, while Ace just seemed a bit more flustered.
“Well Chad, I’ll see you around. Ace told me a little, like how you’re staying at his house since your house burnt down or something like that. Go talk with Ace, and maybe you can come talk to me...” Kat told Chad, flittering her eyes at him.
{Jabroni, I’d advise you to stop before I permanently make you a part of the BC landscape} Kevin sent Chad. Chad raised an eyebrow. Kevin looked at him back with an eyebrow, and then told him, “IF YA SMEL-L-L-L-L-L-L WHAT THE K IS COOKIN’!!!!”
“Kevin...CHILL!!” Kat scolded Kevin. Kevin backed away from Chad, but glared at him a bit. Ace grabbed Chad and took him off to talk.
“You wanted to tell me something?” Ace asked, looking at Chad with an eager expression.
“Well I’ve faced both of you guys, and I’ve come to some conclusion. I don’t think I should join you guys yet. I don’t think I’m ready for you guys. You’re both more powerful than I expected, even you.”
“Even me? What’s that to mean?” Ace interrupted, leaning back against the wall he and Chad were standing next to.
“You were not supposed to be this powerful. I’ve got three gene classes in me, so technically I should be mopping the floor with you, but somehow I can’t...well I can, but that’s because I got training. One day you’ll surpass me, but you’ll need to train to do that. Anyways...I’d like to join one day, but for now I need to deal with a lot more stuff. You guys are the hope for all of us.”
“Yeah...I’m beginning to think that myself.” Ace admitted, remembering what his parents had told him.
“But I’ll be watching you guys, and know this—if you need help, I’ll be there. If you need another member to take on the Company, I’m there. But right now I can’t. But I’ll help you train and I’ll teach you how to use your powers, but I can’t join you.” Chad told Ace.
Ace shook his head in a somber manner. “Well I wish I wasn’t upset, but I am, a bit. I’d love for you to join us, but I can understand. But you said you’ll train us, so that’s good enough for me. But I have a few things to tell you. One, you’re already a Hunter to me. Anyone that can take on the Company by themselves deserves to be called one. Two, and keep this one secret, since you’re gonna be watching us, then I want you to take over my leader position when I can’t do it. I have a feeling some time in the future I’m not gonna be there for my team or my partner, and you’re gonna need to step in. Think you can handle that?”
Chad was a bit overwhelmed. “I promise, Ace. I’ll be there when that happens. Well now that it’s over, what do say we go back and hit on Kat, since I know we all like do that so much?” Chad winked at Ace.
Ace chuckled a bit, and put his arm around Chad’s neck. Then he leaned real close to his ear. “Touch her and K pops your head off...with his SITH stick up your ass.”
“Sorry.” Chad replied back, a bit worried.
“Don’t worry about it. Besides, we just protect her because she’s our friend.” Ace told Chad, as they went back to Kat and K. “We love her to death.”
“I understand that. Well, shall we?” Chad bowed, letting Ace walk past him.
Kevin looked at Ace. He had a very worried, yet very familiar look on his face. “Yo, monkey- crap- for- brains- leader, my spider sense is tingling.”
Ace lowered his eyes and smiled a menacing grin. He nodded at Kevin, and then turned to Kat and Chad. “Sorry got to run...got someone who wants to ‘chat’ with me....Kat, laters. Chad, don’t get any funny ideas.”
“Okay....laters guys!” Kat yelled to her friends. Chad sat next to her and waved at them, smiling his obnoxious smile.
Kevin looked at Ace and smiled as Ace put on the fingerless gloves and the sunglasses. Ace looked at his friend and smiled back. “Let’s play.”

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JEEEEZUS, son????

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