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Hunters: Petals in Time (Original Edit)

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Apr. 14th, 2008 | 12:32 am

This is the seventh story, and direct sequel to Junk of the Heart. This story is definitely not making it in the new edit. As much as I like writing it, its just not what I want. And I also have a much better use for the character Chronos. He'll be made into a Gen4 who basically has a mental handicap, and they've had to put on life support. Once Delilah gets severely mentally injured by Kevin, the Company will do something to make these two work to effectively create a major training system that essentially allows one to enter a small chamber and be in a pocket universe where time moves much quicker than the outside and allows for massive boosts in powers. But till then...

Ace stood back. The world seemed to be swirling around him. Next to him laid his best friend, unconscious or dead, Ace couldn’t tell. He spat at the ground as he leaned toward it, and a small trickle of blood ran from the crack of his mouth. He looked up and saw the very man who had managed to beat the Hunters, and would be the only Company man returning from a mission with the two boys.
“Give it up Ace. You’re only wasting your time fighting me.” The man yelled, his steel gray eyes piercing Ace’s gaze. “You’re friend is dead, and in a few minutes, if you choose to continue on, you too will be dead.”
“Never...Hunters don’t quit, especially me.” Ace replied, staggering toward the man. He tried to push his powers, but he just didn’t have enough energy. This was just going to have to be his last resort attack. He got into a fighting position and turned his gaze back at Kevin. The memories of their past battles and friendship flooded his mind, as he now began to realize that his friend was dead. A single tear shed just as Ace started to get a bright blue hue to his body. His eyes turned pitch black, and his hair streaked in and out black and blue.
“Impressive...I always wondered if they perfected the Finisher gene....apparently they did. But it doesn’t matter...your body isn’t going to be hold that power long enough to use it.” The man told Ace, as he stood back. His gray eyes watched as the energy around Ace flickered in and out.
“Not...giving...up...” Ace growled, clenching his fists. Ace could tell that he was right. The energy was starting to buckle inside his body. It was going to have to be wasted, or used. Ace smiled sinisterly, and extended his claws. “R-A-Z-O-R S-T-R-I-K-E!!!” Ace yelled, forcing the energy through his body. He regained his former strength and pushed everything to the max, as he rushed the man. His arms swung out in the ‘X’ and continue to slice toward the man, as though he was throwing more than one Razor Strike.
The man just stood there, and smiled. Ace soon found out, as he collided with an invisible wall. His Finisher was wasted. “I told you. You should have listen. Now you and your friend are mine.” The man told Ace, as Ace just stood staring at his steel gray eyes. Ace slumped to the ground. He took one last look, as he slowly slipped into unconsciousness, his battle now lost.
But something caught his eye. A bright red-clad figure blurred with incredible speed and attack the man. He yelled something, but Ace couldn’t understand it. All he could remember is the world going around and around, spinning into darkness....

“Ace wake up!” Ace’s mom yelled to Ace. Ace slowly stirred. He looked around. Was that a dream or what...no it has to be a dream...but it felt so real...hmmm...wait...why do I have on the same things I woke up with... Ace thought to himself, making a weird face as he surveyed the room. Everything seemed normal, but somehow not. He just discounted it as part of the nightmare he had just had, and got out of bed. Reaching into his closet he pulled out his clothes and then ran down stairs.
“K called saying he wanted you to meet him at Kat’s house. He stayed the night over there after his date.” Ace’s mom told him. Ace looked up at her with a weird expression on his face.
I know I heard her say that yesterday. And K didn’t mention going on a date last night, just one the night before that. Hmmm...weird. Ace thought to himself, as he backed away from his mom. “That’s cool mom. Well, I’m off then. Kat’s around the corner from us, but I want to find out about this second date of theirs.”
“First, sweetie, first date.” Ace’s mom told him. Ace threw her a weird look.
“No it would be his second date. He had one that night before last.” Ace corrected his mom.
“How could he sweetie? He was over here that night...” Ace’s mom told her son, putting up a few dishes.
“Something’s not right here....” was all the Ace said, as he ran out of the house. He hopped into the Monster and drove off. His mind started to wonder through all the possible explanations, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.
He pulled into Kat’s driveway and got out. He walked up to the door and knocked. He leaned back on a railing, waiting for Kat or someone to open the door. He closed his eyes just a bit, trying to get a bit of rest before the day started.
He opened his eyes as he heard the door opening. Kat stood in the doorway in a romantic red vinyl outfit. She had on a red shorts that were her normal short shorts. Her top was a deep cut and had strings tying it up. It was a tank top of sorts, with no sleeves. She had on a pair of knee-high boots that matched outfit. Her hair was dyed black, cut short, and had long romantic red 2” wide strips in the front of her hair.
Ace’s jaw dropped. DAMN! “DAMN!!” Ace just stared at her, as an odd deja-vu feeling overcame him. He just stared.
Slowly a hand to his cheek and the nice sound of a slap smacking his face broke his trance. “Dude, stop gawking at Kat.” Kevin told his friend, as he stood next to him.
“Sorry. Damn Kat, you look...damn.” Ace told Kat, as he looked her over. Ace then turned to Kevin. “So how was date number two?”
Kevin and Kat looked at him. “Date number two? Dude, that was like our first date.”
“No it would be your second. You had your first the night before last, right?” Ace asked, as he started to get a feeling of dread. He looked at his best friends who were giving him an odd look.
“No I was at your house a couple of nights ago Ace. Last night I stayed over at Kat’s after our first date, and I mean first date. What’s up with you? Chad spar with you too hard or something?” Kevin told his friend, patting him on his shoulder.
“I’m not crazy, I’m not. But I swear that you two had a date a couple of nights ago...man....this is just weird...it’s like my day is repeating, like something out of Groundhog’s Day. Oh well...let’s just kick it and go. I got a project to turn in.” Ace said, walking to his car. “Wait...shit!! I forgot my project!”
“Dude, what project? We don’t have a project in any of our classes...” Kevin told his friend, as he walked Kat to the car.
“Yes we do! We have one in English class, some short story that we had to write last night. It was due today.” Ace explained, getting in the car.
“Ace, either you’re wigging out on us, or...” {You’ve developed some sort of precognition power} Kevin told his friend telepathically. “I don’t know Ace, about a project in English, or a second date, or anything like what your saying. You sure you’re feeling fine?” Kevin asked his friend, getting in the backseat. Kat sat in the passenger’s seat next to Ace.
“Yeah Ace, Ms. Watson didn’t give us an assignment yesterday. Are you sure you’re feeling all right?” Kat asked with Kevin, patting Ace on the back of the head.
Ace punched the steering wheel, making the car horn honk. He laid his head down on the wheel. “Have you ever gotten that feeling like your reliving the same day over? Well I sorta am. I swear that you wore that yesterday Kat, that you had a date last night with K and the night before that, and that we should have a project due in English class...it’s just weird.”
“Look, let’s just go to school, and we’ll forget all about this okay Ace?” Kat assured Ace. “Why don’t we tell you all about our date last night?”
“Don’t bother...” Ace told her, as he suddenly started remembering the details he had heard sometime before. He just looked at her hurt face and then turned away. “Go ahead, I’m sorry.”
“Okay thanks. Well it started off nicely...”

The day went on, and Ace continued to get freaked out more and more. He kept running into the same people in the same places he had the day before, with them wearing their same clothes. He swore that his teachers had already given him their assignments, and he swore to the lunch lady that she had already served Tuesday Surprise, since yesterday was Tuesday to him. He swore that he had already faced the virtual opponents at the Virtual Training Fighter game before and that he was a lot higher than the computer said he was.
Kat and Kevin sat at a table in the arcade, just watching their friend freak out. “We should take him home.” Kat told Kevin, her hand laying next to him. “I mean he swore we went on a second date...I mean it sorta felt like it happened again, but it didn’t...did it?”
Kevin smacked his face. “Not you too.” He sighed. “Look, I’ll take him home. Besides, I need to tell him about what I told you yesterday. Oh and here.” Kevin said, handing her a small box. “After we leave, put this on. I don’t want him to see you wearing it yet, before I ask him about it. Just remember what I told you, okay?”
“I will. I love you Kevin.” Kat told Kevin. Kevin looked a bit shocked, and then looked at her.
“I love you too. I’m gonna go get Ace. We’ll see you later.” Kevin said, touching her face. He left her and went to Ace.
Ace was standing next to the Virtual Training Fighter, with the manager of the arcade yelling at him. “Look kid, this things never wrong. According to this read-out this is the first time in week you played. You did not play yesterday.”
“I did too!” Ace yelled back.
“Kid, you didn’t. I’m not resetting the game just for you, okay. Now go play something else, or leave.” The manager said, storming off.
Kevin walked up and patted him on the shoulder. “Dude, you need to go home. Besides, we need to talk...”
Ace looked at his friend. “Another one...where?”
“No not that. It’s about Kat...she knows...”
“Dude...” Ace looked at Kevin. “Okay, let’s go.” He walked out, and waved to Kat as he passed her by. K did the same, blew a kiss, and followed Ace out the door. They got to the Monster and started unlocking the door.
“That won’t be necessary gentlemen.” A cold voice called from behind them. Ace turned around to see a medium built man in a gray suit with gray hair standing behind them. His eyes were steel gray and brought a chill to Ace.
“Him....what the fuck...” Ace muttered, an odd familiarity of the situation coming on to him.
“Before you ask your little insipid questions, I’ll answer them for you. I am Chronos, Gen3 of time mastery. I am here, like those before me, to put an end to you. But unfortunately for you, I will not fail like them. So you want to fight be then, I suppose. Well bring it on.” Chronos explained to the boys.
Ace looked at Kevin. “Dude, I have a bad feeling about this...” Ace shook his head, and so did Kevin.
“Me too. But we’re Hunters...this is what we do.” Kevin replied to Ace. Ace nodded and then clenched his fist, as Kevin took out his SITH Stick. “Shall we dance then?”
“Let’s play!” Ace yelled, rushing Chronos. His claws extended and he struck with a fury he had never known. But Chronos just put up one hand and seemed to slow Ace down. Kevin watched as Ace’s movements crawled to a slow.
Kevin then rushed Chronos, his staff blurring in a whiteness. He managed to get a few hits off of Chronos, before he too felt the slowing down of time. But this allowed Ace to speed back up and he kept moving toward Chronos. Chronos noticed this and jumped out of the way, allowing Ace to slam into the building behind him.
“This is all futile Hunters...” Chronos coldly told them, his hand extended toward a slowed-down Kevin. “I will crush you in between the strands of time I control!” And with that, he closed his fist. Kevin started to speed back up and then slow down, all with in seconds. He was trying to say something to Ace, but the even the soundwaves were slowed down.
“Fuck this!” Ace yelled, his anger building as he saw his friend in danger. He started to get a blue hue to him and he rushed at Chronos. “R-A-Z-...”
“Tisk tisk tisk...” Chronos interrupted Ace, as he raised his hand toward him. Ace slowed down to almost standing still. “Stand there while I let your mind hold in it forever the memory of your best friend’s death.”
Ace stood still, not able to move, but his mind was somehow aware of time again, as though just his body was displaced by time. He watched as Chronos moved toward Kevin and took hold of him. He could hear Kevin screaming mentally and physically, as Chronos began to unravel his very being, as far as Ace could tell. Kevin’s body became distorted and faded in and out, like a ripple in a pond.
Ace’s anger began to boil more and more and more in his body, and he seemed to regain control over it. He could still feel the slowed down effect, but with the Finisher energy he was generating, he was moving at normal human speed. “...Z-O-R S-T-R-I-K-E!!!” He yelled out, the sound coming out slowly. Chronos turned, just in time to raise a hand to Ace. Ace sliced toward him, but seemed to get caught on something invisible infront of Chronos. He kept slashing, using everything he had to attack the force resisting him, but it was working. He eventually fell.
Just like my dream...only real this time... Ace thought to himself as he laid on the ground next to Kevin’s distorted and assumed dead body. Now our careers are over with...this day sucks...
“Just lie still...I told you...you and your friend are mine...” Chronos’s voice echoed in Ace’s mind, with an odd familiarity to it. Ace rolled his eyes upward, trying to figure out what was going on. Chronos kicked him in the head, and Ace started to go unconscious. As he passed out, his last thought was seeing someone in red attack Chronos.

Ace flipped out of bed. He could hear his mom calling him. He looked at his clothes, his room, everything. “I’m alive! I’m alive??” He yelled, looking around.
“Of course you’re alive sweetie! Duh, I gave birth to you!” His mom yelled in response to his yelling. Ace rolled his eyes and got into the closet. Was it a dream? Did K die? What the hell is going on? Ace thought to himself. He pulled out a shirt and then looked at it. “Okay since when did I have two Tick T-shirts? Wait...this is the same shirt I had on....”
Ace looked around the room and then dropped the shirt as he looked on his computer. Wednesday? No no no, it should be Thursday...Kat and K had their date Tuesday night and K stayed over at the house Monday...right...right? Ace thought to himself, slipping on his clothes. He ran down stairs and sat at the kitchen table.
“Sweetie, K called and said he would be at Kat’s house, so pick him up there.” His mom told him.
Ace looked at her. “AGAIN? DAMN...”
“What do you mean? He stayed over here the night before last, and last night was their first date.”
“Third mom, third...” Ace stopped. He then looked at his mom. “I have a funny feeling something strange is going on here...”
“You should...you’re starting to sound as though you’re two days ahead of the rest of us. I don’t think we ever discovered the powerful of a precognition power.” Ace’s mom told him, patting him on the shoulder. “Eat, then go get Kat and K and take them to school, okay?”
Ace stood up. “No, that’s okay. I’ll just go get K and Kat and I’m gonna figure out what the hell is going on here...” Ace told his mom. He kissed her and then left the house. He jumped in the Monster and drove to Kat’s house.
He parked the car and stormed his way to the door. He knocked a couple of times and then leaned back on a railing. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on the situation. Okay if this is real, then she’ll come out in that vinyl outfit, we’ll go to school, and then the arcade...and then....then what?? Weird...I think I can remember everything but that last part. Weird....DAMN!!!! Ace’s thoughts got interrupted, as he opened his eyes to see Kat wearing a red vinyl outfit. “Damn!”
“Thanks Ace.” Kat said, opening the door for Kevin. Kevin walked up to Ace and tried to slap him. Ace blocked the slap and gawked at Ace.
“Yeah yeah stop gawking. C’mon, I’m having a weird day and I think it’s gonna get weirder..” Ace told them, as he got back into this car. Kat and Kevin just looked at each other and then Ace. They shrugged their shoulders and then got in the car with him.

“...so then we fought Chronos, we both died, and now I think the day is repeating itself.” Ace explained to Kevin, as he sat at Arcadius’s Arcade. He took a sip of his drink and took one look at it. “Well if I have to die, then I might as well go out with a lot of Dr. Pepper in me.”
“That’s nice Ace. I don’t like what you’re saying, but I’m getting that feeling of deja-vu too. But I kept thinking it was a dream...hmmm...weird.” Kevin commented, looking at Ace. “So what do we know causes this day to repeat?”
“I have no clue. The only thing I remember seeing last before I woke up was someone in red or orange or some color attacking him. Couldn’t quite tell...my mind was gone by then...” Ace replied, looking around the arcade. Kat had gone off to the ladies room and Ace was looking for her incase she had come out.
“Weird...oh well...so shall we go and die?” Kevin asked, a slight eager look on his face. Ace threw him a weird look. “What?”
“You’re weird.”
“Hey, if I’m gonna die and the day’s gonna repeat, then fine, let me be happy about it.” Kevin replied, getting up. Ace got up and they both walked outside and headed toward the car.
“That won’t be necessary boys...” A hauntingly familiar voice told them. Ace and Kevin sluggishly turned around.
“Oh it’s you...” Ace muttered, walking up to Chronos. “Yeah yeah I’m Chronos...blah blah...here to kill you...blah blah...”
Chronos stopped and looked at Ace. He was completely stumped at what the kid was saying, but then he thought that Ace was just playing around. While Ace stood mocking him, Chronos just smiled.
In an instant, Ace’s head laid on the ground, decapitated by an invisible force from Chronos. Kevin just stood still, shocked at that scene. “Now that’s pretty fucked up right there...”
“Not as much as this is gonna be...” Chronos told Kevin, as he rushed toward him. Kevin whipped out the SITH Stick and tried to block, as Chronos flew in with a flurry of punches. Kevin hadn’t noticed that his speed lowering every so slightly. He knew this fight was futile, and with every ounce of energy he could muster he telekinetically pushed Chronos away toward the building.
Chronos jerked back a bit, but still came toward Kevin. Kevin was now completely drained. “Damn...” Chronos grabbed Kevin and threw him through the Monster’s front window, shattering the glass. Kevin slumped down in the front seat, cut up beyond his healing abilities. He could see Chronos coming toward him, but he knew it would soon be over.
“U-L-T-R...” An angelic female voice yelled out from the building. But Kevin passed out before being able to see who the voice belong to.

Kevin woke up, and jumped up out of the floor where he was laying at. He looked around the room. Once again he was in Kat’s house, in her living room. He was alive, but somehow he could remember what had happened. He walked over toward the window and just stared out, pushing his mind out toward Ace’s house.
{Ace! Ace! Wake up! WAKE UP!!} Kevin sent out. He could now see inside Ace’s room, as Ace flipped out of bed.
{If you’re talking about dying, yes it did happen. Make a mental note Ace: never mock a villain who apparently can cut your head off without really moving} Kevin sent, laughing. {Look, get dressed and come over here...we need to figure out what’s going on}
Thirty-minutes later, Ace showed up at the front door. Kat came out wearing the red vinyl outfit, but Ace didn’t care. He just waved “Hey” and then pushed his way into the house.
“What the hell happened?” Ace yelled at Kevin.
“Dude, chill!! I don’t know exactly. But you’re right...we are re-living the same day.” Kevin replied, looking at Ace.
“I don’t fucking ca—um...maybe we should discuss this elsewhere...” Ace said, pointing to Kat.
“Dude, she knows...well she knows what we do.. probably not about the day repeating itself...look it doesn’t matter...let’s just go through the day and fight Chronos again...” Kevin told Ace, patting him on the shoulder.
“Okay fine.” Ace said. Kat just gave them both a weird look and just shrugged her shoulders at them.
So the two went to school and then went to arcade. They waited around and then headed to the car once again.
“That won’t be necessary boys...” Chronos’s voice told them. Ace smiled at Kevin, as he turned and ran at Chronos. His claws extended and he sliced wildly in the air, but somehow he kept hitting a solid force infront of Chronos that he couldn’t see.
“Ace...maybe we should run...this is like the fourth time today...” Kevin yelled, pulling out his SITH Stick. He looked at it for a second and then at Ace, and then back it. “Ah, fuck it!” He threw the SITH Stick at Chronos, and with his mind, he pushed the button. As it flew toward him, Chronos slowed it’s momentum down and he grabbed Ace.
“Aw, FUCK!” Ace yelled, realizing what was about to happen. Chronos had put him right in the SITH Stick trajectory. Chronos smiled, as he sped the momentum back up. The SITH Stick, still not extended, bumped into the back of Ace’s head. Then it extended, lodging half of it through Ace’s skull. Ace’s body toppled to the ground, the front end of the staff holding his body up.
“Damn it!” Kevin yelled. He started to run toward Ace, to try to see if he might still be alive, but Chronos was on him before he could even get started. Chronos picked up Kevin and impaled him on his staff, which was now weighed down by Ace’s lifeless body.
As Kevin laid there, his back resting on his bestfriend’s cold back, and his brain flooding with blood from the massive head-rush he was having due to being upside down, he saw an angelic figure in red running toward Chronos. He smiled, as he took his last breath.

“DAMN IT!!” Ace yelled, flipping out of bed. He immediately ran of his house, got in the Monster, and drove off toward Kat’s house, while still in his boxers. He was very pissed, and he drove the Monster into the front of Kat’s house.
He got out of the car and stormed up the stairs. Kevin and Kat came toward him, wondering what the fuck had just happened. Without saying a word, Ace grabbed Kevin and with all of his strength, tossed him head first into a wall. He then pulled Kevin back out and held him up. “You dumb bastard! You fucking killed me!!”
“I...m....sor....ry..” Kevin tried to mumble, while trying to remember what Ace was talking about. But he didn’t have time to react. Ace dropped him, and with one quick motion, caught Kevin with his claws, right in Kevin’s lungs. Ace pushed more and more into Kevin, before finally tearing Kevin’s body in half.
“Sorry.” Ace said, a deathly-pale look on his face. He left Kat, who was screaming her lungs off, to take care of Kevin, and Ace went home. He got dressed and went to school, while still having a deathly-look on his face.
At school, he just waited around. Several policemen came to visit Ace, and no matter how many bullets went into his body, he seemed to keep going, decapitating and slicing officers in half. All he wanted was to take on Chronos.
And so he went to the arcade after school and waited outside by his car. Chronos showed up and looked at him oddly. “Umm...hmmmmm...”
“Go ahead, c’mon...attack me...” Ace said, slowly walking toward Chronos. Chronos looked at him like he was crazy.
“Ace! What the fuck are you doing? Are you gonna kill this man too?” Kat’s voice trailed behind Ace. Ace smirked a bit, but continued toward Chronos. “No, I’m not gonna kill him like I killed all the others...this mother fucker deserves to be killed...”
“Ha...” Chronos coughed, getting ready for Ace. Ace smiled. But his smile soon turned to a peaceful look, as someone hit him from behind. He tried to look up, his mind slowly slipping away. The last thing he heard, before seeing Chronos’s foot coming toward his head was an angelic voice yelling out.

Ace showed up at Kat’s house, trying to get a hold of the situation. He swore he had just had the most fucked up dream in the world where he had killed everyone including his bestfriend Kevin. He knocked on the door.
Kevin answered the door, a sinister look on his face. Ace smiled back, but it soon turned to an odd smile, as Kevin telekinetically blasted the glass door toward Ace. Ace was covered in large shards of glass and metal, and he looked up at his bestfriend. “Okay so maybe it wasn’t a dream...”
“Damn skippy!” Kevin yelled, as he picked up Ace. And with one solid move, he threw in the air a few feet, pulled out the SITH Stick, and held it to the ground. He pushed the button as Ace fell. The SITH Stick nicely impaled Ace, as he fell nuts first toward the ground, trying to land on his feet standing. The SITH Stick also nicely ripped Ace in half. “Now we’re even.”

“Now we’re even!?!” Ace yelled as he woke up. He got dressed and went to Kat’s house, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. He parked in Kat’s driveway and then walked up to the door.
Kevin came out and looked at Ace. “Yeah, you bastard. You came and killed me first, so I had to even the score.”
“Okay....weird....so we really are re-living the same day...damn...” Ace said, leaning back on the car. “Well let’s go to school and try to figure this out....tell Kat to get her red vinyl wearing nice ass out here..”
“Dude, don’t make me have to hurt you...” Kevin growled upon hearing Ace’s order about Kat.
“Like I shouldn’t hurt you for fucking telling her about the damn group...” Ace muttered under his breath. He threw a dirty look at Kevin.
“Shut up Ace.”

Ace walked out of English class, not even waiting for Kat to follow him like he normally did. He was quite weirded out by the entire situation. He walked through the halls, trying to get a grasp on reality.
Chad walked up to him and looked at his friend. “Ace you look like shi---“ Chad never finished his sentence, as Ace punched Chad in the face, his claws extended. Chad’s body slumped to the ground, the crimson liquid slowly pouring out of it.
“So do you Chad.”
Kat saw this, and quickly ran away. She was having a hard enough time listening to her two best friends bicker, and now she was seeing Ace kill someone. Maybe I’m having the dream? She thought to herself.
The rest of the day went on, with Ace and Kevin waiting for Chronos at the arcade. They sat there, waiting for him to show up. Slowly he did, being surprised that they were waiting for him.
“Ah boys...I see that you’re beginning to catch on to my nice little game...” Chronos told them.
“Oh yeah, nice...I like it when I get to see my best friend die, or for better terms, get to see him die by my own hands...real nice Chronos. Why the fuck are you doing this to us?” Ace grumbled, looking at Chronos.
“Easy. I’ve got all the time in the world and you don’t. That’s why.” Chronos said. And then he seemed to blink out of eye’s view. He suddenly appeared right infront of the boys. He grabbed them both and threw them to the ground.
“Oh no he doesn’t!” Ace yelled, flipping up. He rushed at Chronos, forgetting about the invisible force shield he seemed to have. Kevin got up and tried to grab Ace. Chronos saw this and laughed. He rushed at Ace and sliced his arm into the air toward Ace’s midsection.
And with that one slice, both Hunters fell. Over come with pain, they both laid there, trying to stay alive. Their last thought was seeing a girl in red jumping Chronos...

“Okay so let’s get this straight. We know that one, if we fight Chronos by ourselves, we’re gonna die. Two, whoever’s messing up his plan and is making him repeat this day is dressed in red and might be female. Three, only we seem to remember what’s going on.” Ace told Kevin as he and Kevin waited again at the arcade. This time they were in the car waiting. The Monster’s engine was roaring. “Four, attacking him with our normal attacks don’t quite work. And five, well, I don’t know it, but I do know he’s here.”
In front of the car was Chronos. Ace smiled, as he threw the Monster in gear. He gunned the engine as he tried to run Chronos over. But Chronos dodged out of the way, as the Monster rammed into another car.
“Ah fuck...” Ace mumbled, as he staggered out of the car. Kevin muttered the same thing as he rolled out of the passenger’s side.
“Now boys...” Chronos yelled, as he moved toward Ace. Ace tried to stand up, but Chronos was behind him. Chronos grabbed Ace’s neck and twisted. Ace slumped to the ground, dead.
“Mommy...” Kevin squeaked, as Chronos lifted the car on top of him. The Monster rolled over on top of him. Ever bone in his body seemed to break the weight started to crush him. As he started to take the last few breaths of his life, he heard the angelic voice once again.

“So you fucking told her...ah now that’s just crazy man!” Ace laughed as he and Kevin headed toward the car. They walked out from the arcade and crossed the parking lot.
“That won’t be necessary boys...” Chronos’s voice told them. Ace smiled at Kevin, and they both turned around.
And pulled out two double barrel shotguns. “No, but this will..” Kevin yelled, as he and Ace pulled the triggers. Chronos stepped back a bit and held his hand up. The bullets slowly stopped.
“STOP DOING THAT DUMB MATRIX SHIT!!” Ace yelled, firing again and again at Chronos. Kevin followed suit, and they both unloaded their barrels on him. But the effect was still the same: Chronos stopped the bullets in mid air.
“Now it’s my turn!” Chronos yelled, rushing toward the boys. They tried to run, but Chronos slowed them down. He stopped and grabbed a hold of Ace’s trench. With one might swing he tossed him toward the mid-air hanging bullets. Chronos also grabbed Kevin and flung him after Ace.
Ace soon under stood what Chronos was trying to do. He impacted with the bullets, as Chronos resumed time. The shotgun blasts went off, with Ace receiving the damage. Kevin also felt it, as he fell on top of Ace during the whole thing. Both landed, hole ridden. Ace was already dead, and K was barely alive. And the last thing he saw was someone in red attacking Chronos.

“...That won’t be necessary boys...” Chronos growled from behind the Hunters. Ace smiled at Kevin, and they both turned around.
And pulled the triggers on a pair of M16s. “Okay stop these mother fucking bullets!” Ace yelled, laughing maniacally. Kevin stopped for a sec and took out a small grenade. He pulled the pin with his mouth and tossed it at Chronos.
Chronos laughed, as he slowed down the onslaught of bullets. He didn’t really catch the grenade, but his area for slowly down time caught it. He moved toward the Hunters and grabbed them again. He tossed both of them toward the numerous bullets and one time-warped grenade. They both hit the bullets, just as Chronos resumed time.
The bullets ripped their bodies to pieces, and the grenade roasted anything that was living. Chronos smiled to himself, but then got his teeth kicked in by someone in red. He yelled loudly into the air and reset the day again.

“Okay, okay, I got the idea now....I’m gonna show up naked. He won’t fucking attack me for that.” Ace told Kevin of his plan, as he and Kevin got up from their table at the arcade.
Kevin stopped and looked at him. His happy face turned to a deep resentful look. “No.”
“Why not?”
“Because I don’t want to see your ass naked.” Kevin told his friend, as he pulled out his SITH Stick in anticipation for the fight.
“C’mon, just...turn your head or something...” Ace suggested, looking at Kevin.
“Ah...fuck you! I’ll do it anyways!” Ace said, as he headed toward the bathroom. Kevin just slapped his face and walked outside. He headed toward the Monster.
“That won’t be....”
“...necessary...” Kevin interrupted Chronos, as he stood infront of the door to the arcade.
“Yeah...clothes won’t be necessary...” Ace said, stepping from behind Kevin. Kevin watched, blushed, and then turned around, as he saw Ace’s pale white ass infront of him.
Chronos stopped and looked at him with a disdained look on his face. “Okay....”
“What...can’t stand the sight of a kid naked?” Ace said, extending his claws. He rushed at Chronos and swung with all his might. He once again hit Chronos’s shield and bounced to the gravel.
“No, I hate to see guys naked.” Chronos smirked, as he grabbed Ace by his crotch. He then swung his arm down and cut it off with his invisible shield.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ace yelled at the top of his lungs. He grabbed his bloodied stump of what used to be his private parts. He screamed in agony, and not even his superhealing could help him.
And the only thing that did end his pain was Chronos cutting off his head. Kevin responded by running to the aid of his friend, but Chronos swung his arm back and caught Kevin’s head with his shield. The telepath fell, headless, next to his friend.

Ace walked up to Kat’s door and greeted Kevin. “I know I know, no more nakedness.”
“Yeah...but I think now we need to start thinking with our heads.” Kevin commented, as he walked toward the Monster. Kat came out of the house and looked at both of the guys.
“Um...yeah, you need to start thinking Ace, I mean those grades and stuff you’re having.” Kat told Ace, patting him on the head. She looked at the two boys who threw her confused looks.
“No, we’re not talking about that Kat. Let’s just get to school and we’ll deal with it there.” Kevin told Ace. Ace nodded and they all got in the car.
The day passed till lunch where the gang gathered around their usual spot by the football field. Ace sat, rocking back and forth, just shivering. Kevin was tapping the table with his fingers, and was as jittery as Kevin. Kat watched her two best friends and tried to figure out what was going on with them.
Chad came walking up to the group and noticed the two Hunters spazzing out. “What the fuck is wrong with you two?”
Ace stood up and he just stared at Chad. “Do you really want to know? Huh, DO YA!?!?”
Chad back up just a bit and reached for his sword behind him. “Not really, if you’re gonna attack me.”
“No, I’m gonna do that!” Kevin yelled, jumping on Chad’s back. He grabbed Chad’s neck and popped it, before snapping it to the side. Chad slumped to the ground and a crowd started to gather around. Kat started to freak out just a bit, before just completely running away.
Ace looked at Kevin and they both knew what to do. They looked at the crowd and smiled, as Ace extended his claws and Kevin extended the SITH Stick. “Murder...mayhem...my bads.” Ace screamed, as he started to chase down his fellow students. Kevin laughed with a murderous tone as he chased after Ace.
Three hours later, with a third of the school running and another third dead, the Hunters were covered in blood, brains, and entrails. Their minds were completely fucked up by the sheer amount of mayhem they had both been experiencing. Their bodies were tired and worn out, and they were just too tired, too confused, and just plain out too fucked up to even care.
Ace walked with Kevin out unto the blacktop and he looked around at all the dead bodies strewed about. They laughed a bit, and then Ace stopped. He looked down and saw a girl trying to crawl away. He watched her scream in terror as she looked at him. He smiled and jumped on top of her. He rammed her head into the ground and then twisted her neck. Her body convulsed and then went limp.
And then Ace fell on his knees and he started to weep. He screamed up toward the sky, as his anger and rage overcame his mental confusion, and he was overridden with extreme guilt. His body flashed with a bright blue hue and he stood up.
“I figured I would find you two here...” Chronos yelled, watching the two Hunters from atop the building. “Nice work...I never knew you two could stoop this low.”
“FUCK YOU!!!” Ace yelled back, as he pushed his body to its extreme limits. Even then, his blue hue had not faded in brightness, and he suddenly understood that he was now more powerful than ever. “R-A-Z-O-R F-U-C-K-I-N-G S-T-R-I-K-E!!!” He screamed, as he ran up the side of the building to get to Chronos. Chronos held out his hand to block, and he put up his time zone shield like he had been doing for the past repeated days.
But it didn’t help. Ace cut through the shield with a ferocity that even he did not understand. He sliced Chronos hand to bits and then grabbed the bloodied stump. He then battered Chronos again and again with his knee. Chronos toppled over, amazed at what the Hunter, whom he had killed dozen of times before, was now able to fully get through his shield. But he soon realized that the Hunter was going to kill him. He slowed down time and rolled away. He flipped up and then looked at all the dead bodies, and then at Kevin, who was running toward the building. Chronos smiled at Ace, and then wavered his hands.
The world went dark again....

Ace woke up again in his bed. He got dressed and went to Kat’s. He walked to the front door and entered. He found Kevin and he looked at him. “Okay, I think it’s time we finally stop fighting this bastard they way we’re doing this.”
“My thoughts exactly. I think we need to figure out what his plans are.” Kevin told Ace. Then he saw Kat enter the room and he started to realize something. “Ace...our answer is right infront of us.”
“What do you mean?” Ace asked, looking at Kat. Even after all the times the day had repeated, he was still enthralled at seeing Kat in her outfit. Then he realized what his friend was trying to say. “You mean Kat don’t you.”
“She knows Ace....and all this time, she’s been the one saving our asses....well atleast making Chronos repeat the day.” Kevin told Ace, as he stood next to him, admiring Kat. Kat just looked at both them with an ‘I told you so’ look on her face. “And I think she’s been suffering the same thing we’re both facing...”
“Yep.” Kat answered Kevin’s comment. She looked at the two Hunters. “But you’re forgetting one thing Kevin. He didn’t repeat yesterday due to me....he repeated it because he knew that he was gonna die if he didn’t, and he also knew that he couldn’t let you two get away with all that you had done, since you did murder most of the student body at BC.”
Ace and Kevin blushed. Then they realized that Kat was right. “All right so what all did you tell her?” Ace asked, now regaining his composure.
“I told her basically of the Company, of the Gen Project, and of us. But I left most of the information open for her, to ask you, since you are the leader now Ace.” Kevin told Ace, as he looked at Kat.
“Okay...” Ace sighed a bit, before turning his head toward Kat. “Okay sweet-girl, go ahead and ask your questions.” He leaned back on her couch and looked at her.
“Well for one, how does a Finisher work? K didn’t explain it much. He just mentioned that I could probably do it, and given the many times this day’s repeated itself, I want to know if that’s what I’ve been doing to Chronos.” Kat explained to Ace. She sat down in the chair next to Kevin.
“Hmm...well basically from what we know, it happens when you get extremely hurt or angry, and the more anger and rage you have built up inside, the more energy you’re able to expend for the Finisher. But it comes at a cost of wearing you out, to the point of passing out. The energy can be used for whatever purpose, but generally its just an increase of the powers you have. Which is a question I have for you...what are your powers, or do you even know?” Ace told Kat, trying to understand what he said to her to himself.
Kat looked at Kevin and touched his cheek. “Well from our date last night, we know that I’m a pretty good fighter, but we’ve always known that.” She then stopped and looked at Ace. “But last night when I attacked Ryan, it was different from when I was fighting in the arcade or anywhere else. My body seemed to be a live, and I seemed to have more and more control over my body. I seemed to get stronger and stronger, faster and faster, I mean I could just feel the battle in me. It was a great feeling...”
Kevin took her hand and then looked at Ace. “She also seems to be a lot stronger than she looks. But we can test that later. Right now, we need to figure out what the fuck to do about Chronos.”
“True. Well as far as Chronos knows, he thinks that we’ll fight, he’ll kill us, and she’ll come out and stop him, to a point where he has to repeat the day. Now the trick is we need to surprise him. We need him to have to face all of us at our maximum levels, and beyond that.” Ace told his partners. “We need to learn to fight as a team.”
Kat got up from Kevin’s hold. She looked at Ace. “I got an idea. Why don’t you power-up to that finisher level you had the last time you fought him, and then you can attack him. He won’t be able to resist your increased strength and fierceness, and then me and K can attack him from behind. K can try to use his Mind Wipe or maybe something new on him, while I try to hit him with my own Finisher.”
“It sounds good Kat, but I don’t know if I can do what I did yesterday...or today...well you know what I mean. I reached that level because the girl that I killed just happened to be a girl I like. I got totally guilty for doing what I was doing, and I realized that I was totally going against what I was made to do, and that was protect people like her. But my body won’t be able to repeat that sheer emotional level, unless I do it again.” Ace explained to her, looking solemnly at the ground.
Kevin coughed. “Not exactly Ace. I can sorta fuck with your mind a bit and make you remember it, all day, till we get to that time. But you’re gonna have to be careful and not mess with anyone. I’ll be bringing out a really bad side to you.”
Ace was a bit shocked. “You mean to tell me that you can actually do that? I mean confuse my body into unleashing that emotional level?”
“In theory yes, but it also might bring out the psychopath that we both became then. You could possibly stay that way, a mental scar that could mean the end of you as the good guy we know.” Kevin told his friend, a harsh tone to his voice.
“If it means we beat this guy and life goes on, then let’s do it. Remember what I told you, ‘we do things because we’re Hunters. If one person has to be sacrificed to save the rest of the world, then so be it.’ I want to stick by what I’ve said. So let’s do this.” Ace told his friend.
Kevin got a dark look on his face. “No...I’m not gonna do that to you Ace.”
Ace punched the arm of the chair. “Do it. I order you.”
“No I won’t...I don’t want to have to deal with you incase you get fucked up.” Kevin told his friend, as he put his arms together in defiance.
“Mother fucker look, do it. Do it so that you and Kat can go on with your lives, so that you can have a future. None of us are going to have a future, if you don’t make me get to that level I reached before. If it comes to me turning into a psychopath, I give you permission to Mind Wipe me.” Ace told his friend in a harsh voice. “Do it, Kevin. Do it.”
Kat put her hand on Kevin. “Baby, just let him have his way. If it’s a means of getting us out of the this time loop, then fine, do it. We can handle Ace if he gets out of hand.”
Kevin suddenly jumped up in anger. His face flushed a red that showed his anger and concern. “But what if it comes to that, what if it comes to us having to fight Ace? I’ve fought Ace before, and it rips at my heart to fight him. We’re best friends, and I don’t want to lose him, much like I don’t want to lose you Kat. I don’t want to have to subject my bestfriend, my partner, to a fate worst than death. I will not do it.”
“Kevin...please...for the sake of the world...for the sake of our future...trust in your abilities...trust in Ace...trust in me...” Kat told her boyfriend. “You’re my boyfriend...I want our future to go on...I don’t want to keep reliving the same day...I want to find out what tomorrow’s gonna be like...” Kat then reached over and kissed Kevin.
Kevin kissed Kat back and then stopped. He looked at Ace. “Fine. Let’s go teach this pussy a lesson.”
“Hit me then.” Ace said, opening his arms in anticipation.
Kevin stepped back from Kat and walked over to Ace. He put his hands on Ace’s forehead and then winced. The pain on his face showed the torment that he was sharing with Ace, who’s face also showed a face of pain. Ace started to growl and then he screamed in agony. Kevin jumped back and stopped.
“Oh god....” Kat yelled, as she saw how much pain the two were sharing. She grabbed Kevin’s hand and then looked at Ace.
Ace stopped and looked at Kevin. “If I make it through this day Kevin, remind me to kill you.”
“Same here...” Kevin replied, as he stood up.
“What do you mean?” Kat asked, looked at her boyfriend.
“Unlocking his torment and his anguish he had from doing what he did also unlocked my pain and anguish....I now suffer the same curse I put on him...” Kevin told his girlfriend, looking into her eyes. She saw back in his the pain he was experiences. “But now its time to go to school and wait for Chronos to be at the arcade.”
Ace walked toward the door and then stopped. “Let’s play.”

The day went by fast, as both Hunters eagerly awaited the battle with Chronos. The time they both had to endure reliving the same memory of killing their classmates and then seeing them alive only fueled their flames for combat. A great many times, they both seem to radiate the blue hue associated with their Finisher. But they knew they had to save all the rage and pain for the battle...it would be then that they could unleash it and take on their enemy.
And soon the time came. They sat with Kat in the arcade till Kevin felt the slight tinge of Chronos’s mind wanting them inside the small radius of his mental radar. Kat was ready for her first fight as a Hunter, as Ace had given her the watch that had already been made for her.
“Time to go..” Ace told his team, as he got up. Kevin got up behind him and then Kat followed him. But Ace pushed her back. “No...wait a bit. Just watch, since he normally keeps his back to the door. You’ll know when it’s time for you to attack...”
“But...” Kat tried to say, but Ace just put a finger to her lips.
“You’re our secret weapon...just watch....” Ace told her. He kissed her cheek and then walked outside. Kevin grabbed her face, turned, and embraced her lips. They kissed for a good few seconds, before Kevin pulled back and then followed his partner outside.
{Ready?} Ace sent Kevin, as he headed toward the Monster, knowing that Chronos was waiting beside the door to the arcade.
{Ready...time to unleash the fury we both got bundled inside us...} Kevin sent back. {Just remember shitface, if we survive this, and you turn psycho on me, you’re ass is grass...}
{Understood...} Ace growled a bit, and then turned around to face Chronos. “Spare us the chit-chat, and let’s play!” Ace yelled. He watched as Chronos looked very surprised at him. Then Ace stood still and let the memories, emotion, and pain inside pour through the mental barriers he and Kevin had put up to contain them.
Kevin was also doing the same, and nearly as the same time, both Hunters fell to the ground screaming in agony. Chronos looked at them, and got a fearing look on his face. “....eekk...”
“DIE!!! R-A-Z-O-R S-T-R-I-K-E!!!” Ace yelled, darting up. His body was ablaze with blue light, almost like he was burning with a blue flame. He pushed his body to the maximum limits he had and then he pushed those even further. His claws extended and seemed to glow a blue themselves. He rushed at Chronos, who threw up his shield to block.
But Ace was once again at the level he needed to be at to break the shield. His claws repeatedly attacked the shield and eventually struck Chronos’s hands. Ace swung again and again, cutting into the man with all the fierceness and pain that he was experiencing inside.
Suddenly the blue flame faded from Ace, and he weakishly swiped at Chronos. His Finisher had finished, and had drained his body of all energy he had. He fell against Chronos.
“So boy, you finally succumb to the many tiring days that I have faced...” Chronos whispered in Ace’s ear. He then picked the Hunter up and threw him through the Monster’s front window. Ace slumped unconscious in the front seat.
“My turn!” Kevin yelled, as he watched the fight standing next to a tree. Chronos hadn’t noticed him yet, and Kevin stood there with his hand close to his face. His thumb and index finger were making a ‘V’ shaped and he was looking through it. His body was glowing blue much like Ace’s body was, and he now had the perfect Finisher to use against Chronos. “T-K S-M-A-S-H!!! I’m crushing your leg!!”
Chronos stared at Kevin and smirked a small smile. Then he noticed that his leg had begun to squeeze in a bit. He screamed in pain, and he dropped to the ground.
“And I’m crushing your arms!!” Kevin yelled again, as he reached out with an increased telekenetic grasp. The grasp soon grabbed a hold of Chronos’s arm, and crushed it, bones an all.
And then Kevin fell to the ground, his energy exhausted. He reached out toward the door with his hand and then moaned, “Now...”
“Ha...it’s futile...I’ve won again...” Chronos yelled, as he tried to stand. He dragged his foot behind, as he moved toward Kevin’s body.
“Uhn-uh buddy boy, think again!” A female voice yelled out from behind Chronos. He turned, just in time to catch a foot to the side of his face. He jerked back a bit, and then looked at the girl. She was all decked out in a red vinyl outfit. “Don’t fuck with my boyfriend!”
“You...no...damn it! You’ve been ruining my plans all damn day...” Chronos complained, as he looked her over.
“It’s about to get fucking worse!” Kat told him, as her body began to get a blue hue to it. She moved back into a fighting position and then lowered her eyes on Chronos. Time to do it! She thought to herself, as she stared coldly at Chronos. “U-L-T-R-A C-O-M-B-O!!”
“What the—“ But Chronos couldn’t finish the sentence. Katlin Orchid had just pushed her body to its maximum and she hit him with everything she had. Her fist moved again and again at him, at blinding speed and faster. He could feel her entire arm hitting him, over and over again. And each hit felt like he was losing more and more life energy. Chronos couldn’t focus, couldn’t slow down time. All he could fell was her body inflicting more and more pain on his tattered body.
Kat continued to hit him, her body going into an automatic mode. She could hardly believe it herself, as the speed she was attacking with. It felt as though someone else was attacking for her, that she was merely along for the ride. And she loved every minute of it. She switched from punching to kicking, as she grabbed Chronos by his shoulders and started kneeing him repeatedly.
She began to hear his bones breaking from the sheer strength of her kicks, as she pulled back from holding him. She just continued to kick and kick and kick, her legs moving in precision up and down his body. Her boots were leaving many imprints on his chest, and it was starting to cave in. Blood was gushing out of Chronos’s mouth, and his eyes began to roll back into the back of his head. She was almost done.
With the last surge of energy in her body, she jumped up sideways in the air and threw her leg outstretched toward Chronos’s neck. The speed in which she moved quickly broke and severed his neck from his body. And with that last move, both bodies fell to the ground.
But a few minutes later, Katlin Orchid rose back up, the victor. She stood up and saw that Kevin and Ace were stirring. She then looked at the decapitated body of Chronos. She shed a small tear and then looked at her friends again.
Ace limped toward Kat and then saw Chronos’s headless body. “Damn....”
“You can say that again Ace...” Kevin added, as he stepped next to his girlfriend.
“Damn...” Ace repeated himself, still looking at the body. It laid in an odd position that truly made it look as though half the bones in it were broken. Several large foot imprints were embedded in the chest and had caused it to collapse. Ace just stared at Kat.
“Honey....you okay?” Kevin asked Kat. She was staring at the body with a distant look on her face. Then she turned and smiled at Kevin.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay. I was just trying to think of what I wanted to do tomorrow, since it’ll probably be coming.” She then leaned over and kissed him.
“I know what I’m doing.” Ace said, hobbling toward his car.
“And that would be?” Kevin asked, his arm around Kat’s waist.
“Fixing up my car and sleeping in. I’m fucking tired.” Ace mumbled, as he yawned.
“Yeah, I think we all kinda deserve a rest...I mean we haven’t slept since yesterday...” Kevin laughed, looking at Ace. Ace smirked and then got in his car.
“So does this mean I’m in?” Kat asked, looking at Ace. Ace smiled at her.
“You were in the moment I saw you. Anyways, I’m going home. Care for a ride?” Ace asked, looking at the two lovebirds.
“No thanks. I think me and Kevin should walk home. We’ve got lots to talk about and lots of things to figure out.” Kat told Ace. He waved and then started up his car. He then threw it in reverse and pulled out of the parking. Then he stopped and reversed back toward Kat and Kevin, where he promptly ran over Chronos’s dead body.
“Well just let me know if any of these talks include threesomes and shit!” Ace joked. Kevin through him a dirty look and Kat just blushed.
“Shitface DIE!!” Kevin yelled, trying to reach for Ace. But Ace threw the Monster in drive and peeled out. He flipped the bird at Kevin as he turned on to the road. Kevin winced and sent Ace a telepathic message. {DIE SHITFACE DIE!!!}
{PUSSY!!} Ace sent back, a mocking tone in his mental voice.
Suddenly a new voice interrupted their talk. {BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!!} Kat sent both of them. Everyone could hear Ace cursing in his mind as he wrecked the Monster from being surprised by Kat’s voice, but it was ignored, as Kevin grabbed Kat and kissed her.

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